Settling a Pascagoula Car Accident Case

While some injury claims related to car accidents resolve with a jury trial, the vast majority of claims end in a settlement. Often, these settlements involve a monetary payment to compensate a victim for their injuries and damages.

Settling a car accident claim can be a complex process. A claim requires experience and thorough knowledge of the law. A skilled car accident attorney could investigate your accident, collect evidence, and negotiate a settle on your behalf. Speak to an attorney to learn about your options for settling a Pascagoula car accident case.

Deadline to Settle a Motor Vehicle Accident Case

The parties in a car accident lawsuit could reach a settlement at any time. Some cases settle early on. A knowledgeable Pascagoula car accident attorney will send what is known as a demand letter to the at-fault driver or their insurance company shortly after evaluating a case. The demand letter outlines the attorney’s theory of liability and requests a monetary settlement in exchange for a promise not to file suit.

Car accident claims frequently settle in response to the demand letter. However, when the parties cannot reach an agreement, a lawsuit is the next step. Litigation does not mean the end of negotiations. The parties often resolve a car accident lawsuit after the discovery phase of a case is complete. Discovery is the phase of a lawsuit where each party provides the other with any evidence they intend to rely on at trial. These disclosures could show the at-fault driver that the case against them is strong.

A trial before a jury carries much uncertainty. To mitigate the risk of a trial, both sides might agree to resolve a claim before the beginning of a trial.

Sources of Compensation in a Settlement

While the at-fault driver in a Pascagoula car accident is typically the defendant in a lawsuit, there are multiple parties that could be held liable for damages.

At-Fault Drivers

An at-fault driver is the most common source of compensation in a personal injury lawsuit. If a driver is uninsured, a car accident attorney could still seek compensation directly from the driver.

Insurance Companies

In most cases, insurance companies are the primary source of compensation in an accident settlement. Drivers carry liability insurance for this exact purpose and rely on it when they are involved in an accident claim. The insurance company will not only pay out on accident claims when they accept liability but also provide the at-fault driver with legal representation.

Car Manufacturers

If a car accident results from a defective part or vehicle, a plaintiff could seek monetary damages from the manufacturer. While any number of vehicle parts could lead to an accident, issues with braking systems and transmissions are commonly to blame.

How a Car Accident Attorney Could Help

Sometimes, the process of settling a Pascagoula car accident case can be quick and painless. If the at-fault party or their insurance company does not dispute liability, a settlement could come together right away.

However, for more complex cases, it is important to be prepared. A car accident lawyer could help you learn about what to expect from settlement negotiations and assist you in negotiating for the compensation you need. Call today to learn about your legal options.