Pascagoula Parking Lot Accident Lawyer

All too often, parking lot accidents are written off as minor collisions. In reality, parking lot accidents can be serious and lead to severe injury and property damage. Small children are particularly at risk of being hurt in a parking lot collision.

If you or a loved one were injured in a parking lot accident, you have the legal right to pursue compensation. An experienced Pascagoula parking lot lawyer could walk you through the legal process and build the strongest possible case for a civil claim. Speak to a knowledgeable car crash attorney to learn about your legal rights and options under Mississippi law.

Fault in Lawsuits

One of the most important factors for bringing a potential injury claim is the strength of the evidence. Evidence to help support negligence and liability could include eyewitnesses, accident reports, photos from the accident scene, and even expert witnesses.

The State of Mississippi recognizes a pure comparative negligence system for establishing fault. This means that each party may be assigned a portion of responsibility for the accident occurring. Unlike many other states, the injured claimant may still eligible to recover damages even if they were 99 percent at fault for an accident.

If a plaintiff is found to be partially liable for their own injuries, their financial recovery may be reduced proportionately to their fault. If an injured party is found to be 40 percent at fault for an accident, then their compensation award will be reduced accordingly.

Types of Recoverable Damages

The extent of the possible damages after a parking lot accident depends on the severity of the injuries and the at-fault party. A victim may be eligible to recover economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages often relate to bills received by the victim and others that can be directly quantified. With the help of a seasoned attorney, victims may be eligible to recover compensation for medical bills, out of pocket costs, and lost wages.

Non-economic damages do not have a specific monetary value. These may include mental anguish, emotional distress, pain and suffering, and loss of companionship. There is a cap on the amount of compensation an individual may be eligible to recover for non-economic damages. A limit of $1,000,000 applies to noneconomic damages in any personal injury case.

Deadline to File a Claim

Injured claimants are required to file their personal injury claim within Mississippi’s statute of limitation. Individuals have no more than three years to file a lawsuit in court. According to Mississippi Code Section 15-1-49, if the civil claim is not filed within the deadline, their case may be dismissed and they may be barred from recovering compensation from the responsible party. A parking lot accident lawyer in Pascagoula could help an injured victim file a claim within the statute of limitations.

Speak to a Pascagoula Parking Lot Accident Attorney Today

Immediately after a parking lot accident, you should seek medical attention for your injuries. As soon as you are able, speak to an experienced Pascagoula parking lot accident lawyer to learn about your legal options to recover compensation from the party responsible for your injuries.

A knowledgeable attorney could sit down with you to go over the requirements to file a civil injury claim and answer your questions about the process of moving through a lawsuit. Call today to get started on your claim.