Lott Law Firm

About Lott Law

Happy clients – that is all it’s about. If we resolve your case and you walk out of my office or the courtroom happy then we’ve done our job. There is rarely enough money to always compensate you for your loss, but we will prepare your case in such a way that it maximizes recovery. I can bore you with stats about the millions we’ve recovered for our clients but you rightly care about your case. From the time you pick up the phone or come into my office, our number one goal is to meet you where you are and take you where you need to go.

Proven Track Record

We’ve ​handled just about everything a lawyer can handle – big cases, little cases, death cases, criminal cases, federal court, state court, appeals court, workers compensation commission, social security, representing insurance companies, government and people (We like people a lot better). But we can make the most impact and make people the most satisfied when we represent people who get injured at work or injured because of someone else’s negligence. While a check will never replace your loss, you can move forward with a check to compensate you for your injuries.

At the age of 13, Matthew Lott decided he wanted to be a lawyer to HELP PEOPLE. We look forward to working with you soon

Meet Our Team

Lott Law is a group of awesome people that get up every day with a dedication to solve your legal problems. Injuries and divorce are our specific areas of concentration. Everybody in the firm cares about making your life better and will do whatever it takes to make that happen (as long as its legal and I won’t lose my law license).