Pascagoula Head-On Collision Lawyer

When a driver fails to pay attention to traffic signs and the road, usually due to distractions, severe accidents could result. Head-on collisions are extremely damages and could cause serious injuries such as head trauma, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, organ damage and much more.

If you or a loved one were injured due to the negligence of another driver, a Pascagoula head-on collision lawyer could help. They could gather evidence, calculate your damages, and help you get the compensation you deserve. Speak to a skilled car accident attorney to learn about how you may be eligible for compensation.

What is a Head-On Collision?

A head-on collision is when two vehicles traveling in the opposite direction are moving directly toward each other and hit head-on. In this type of wreck, either or both vehicles could be at fault.

The most common scenario in a head-on collision involves the rural roads in the area. Sometimes the middle line is not marked clearly, and a driver may not be paying attention, driving distracted, or is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and crosses over the centerline into the opposite lane. Injured individuals should reach out to a Pascagoula head-on collision attorney to see if they have grounds for a claim.

Speeds Impact on Car Wrecks

A head-on car accident is serious because most of the time, both vehicles are traveling at high speeds. Therefore, in a head-on collision, the seriousness of the injuries tend to be greater. Injured victims should seek the best medical treatment available as soon as possible. Severe injuries require significant medical care and take time to heal. A committed car crash attorney could help an injured person by speaking with medical professionals to understand their injuries. A lawyer could also collect documentation and medical records to help calculate the damages.

Determining Negligence and Punitive Damages

Mississippi is a comparative negligence state, which is that a judge or jury could assign fault to either party. In a head-on collision, the fault is typically assigned to one driver and not both. To establish negligence, an experienced attorney could get help from an accident reconstruction expert or speak to the police officers who were at the scene of the wreck.

Punitive damages are not usually awarded, but they could be collected depending on the facts of the case. Punitive damages could be assessed when a driver is grossly negligent, traveling the wrong way along the roadway, or was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. For more information about damages and negligence, contact a skilled head-on car accident lawyer in Pascagoula.

How a Pascagoula Head-On Collision Attorney Could Help

The attorney or investigator will want to arrive at the scene and speak with you as quickly as possible following a head-on collision. A lawyer could gather the names and contact information for the parties involved in the accident. They could document the scene by taking pictures and noting road conditions. They could also determine whether any video of the crash is available and identify possible witnesses.

If you have been in a head-on collision, a Pascagoula head-on collision lawyer could get your version of the events and help coordinate appropriate medical care. Let a dedicated attorney help you seek the compensation you deserve. Call today to get started on your case.