Pascagoula Rollover Accident Lawyer

A rollover accident is among the most severe types of car collisions. These types of car wrecks can lead to death and serious injuries. If you or a loved one were injured in a rollover wreck, you might be entitled to compensation.

A Pascagoula rollover accident lawyer could help you recover damages for medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Call today to learn more about how an experienced car collision attorney could help you.

What Is a Rollover Accident?

A rollover car accident is when the vehicle rolls onto its side or roof. Rollover accidents are different from other types of car crashes because they are more severe than other car wrecks. The most common fact pattern surrounding rollover accident scenarios in Pascagoula is when the vehicle loses control and runs off the side of the road. Once the car goes off the side of the road, it may turn sideways and flip over. Most of the time, rollover accidents are caused by a driver traveling at a high rate of speed. For more information, consult with a knowledgeable rollover accident lawyer in Pascagoula.

Preventing Rollover Collisions

One of the many risks associated with a rollover accident is related to the weather. When an individual is driving in poor weather conditions, they should take the appropriate precautions of slowing down, maintaining awareness, and using defensive driving techniques. Drivers should make sure their seatbelt is buckled and that passengers are restrained properly. When a driver is carrying cargo, they should ensure that the load is strapped down appropriately. Overweight and imbalanced vehicles can be more susceptible to rollover accidents.

Reviewing the Accident Report

Typically, the police officer who investigates the accident writes a report that should include the fact that it was a rollover accident. The Pascagoula rollover accident attorney follows up with the report to make sure that is noted, and the report is correct in that skid marks, and other evidence was left on or off the roadway that shows what happened and who is at fault for the accident. An accomplished attorney could hire an investigator or accident reconstruction expert to document the scene and protect the injured person.

If someone finds that the report of their accident is incorrect or has an error, they could talk to the police officer directly and ask them to correct their report. If a police officer does not change their report, the person should speak to a supervisor and keep going up the chain of command until they get the desired result. The attorney could get involved as well and talk to the proper authorities. Sometimes the accident reconstruction experts are former police officers, and they could speak with the officer to ask them to change the report.

Speak to a Pascagoula Rollover Accident Attorney Today

A Pascagoula rollover accident lawyer could fully evaluate the injuries and ascertain liability to identify who is at fault. They could examine the accident scene to determine what actually happened, and establish the injured party’s current and future medical needs. The most important thing the injured individual needs to take care of is healing from their injuries and taking care of their families. Let a seasoned attorney help you seek compensation for your injuries. Call today to get started on your case.