Pascagoula Failure to Yield Accident Lawyer

Failing to obey traffic signs and the rules of the road could cause severe damages and injuries. Failure to yield occurs when one vehicle has the right of way, and the other driver fails to stop or slow down to allow that vehicle safe travel. If an automobile driver fails to yield, they could endanger the lives of others.

If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident due to the negligence of another driver, a Pascagoula failure to yield accident lawyer could help. They could be your legal advocate and advise you on your legal options. Speak to an experienced car accident attorney to learn about how you could seek compensation for your injuries.

Assessing Liability for an Automobile Crash

One factor that could make it difficult to assess fault in a failure to yield case is that it may not be clear who had the right of way. The right of way is where one specific vehicle has the right to travel or continue to move along the roadway. There are often road signs present but do not always tell the whole story, and may not be visible for the specific area at all time.

A Pascagoula failure to yield accident lawyer could take statements from witnesses as well as take depositions and statements from each party. The attorney looks at the positioning of the vehicles at the accident scene to determine who had the right of way and who failed to yield. A typical fact pattern surrounding failure to yield scenarios is people making improper lane changes when another driver has the right of way. Often, this is caused by distracted driving or inattentive driving.

Another fact pattern is that although someone may have the right of way in a particular lane, the other driver may be traveling at a higher or slower rate of speed and does not look out for blind spots or check mirrors to make sure they have a clear lane in which to travel.

How An attorney Could Help

Insurance companies usually do not take the injured party’s version of the accident at face value. One party’s story may be much different than the other party’s version of the events, so it may come down to which party is more believable to a judge, jury, insurance adjusters, or other people determining liability. Even experts hired by the insurance company or the car accident victim may have different scenarios for how the accident occurred. They do their own investigation. Even after the investigation is complete, the insurance company may not be willing to give full value to the injuries and could try to reduce fault by allocating more of a percentage of fault to the injured party.

One role a knowledgeable attorney might play in protecting an injured victim’s best interests during the insurance company’s investigation and other proceedings is to get on the case early and preserve all the evidence. The attorney verifies that the evidence works in the injured party’s favor and ensures that full value is placed on any property damage or injury sustained by the individual in the accident.

A Pascagoula failure to yield accident attorney usually, but not always, must hire an accident reconstruction expert to determine fault for the accident. The Mississippi Highway Patrol form for accidents has indications to show which vehicle might have failed to yield in a failure to yield accident case as well.

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The most important benefit of working with a solo practitioner instead of a law firm is the one-on-one attention. A solo lawyer provides more hands-on service to their client. The person’s case is treated like it is critical whereas, in a big firm, the individual may not get the attention they deserve. These types of cases can be especially difficult, so it is important to investigate them thoroughly and examine all the issues to make sure the injured party is protected.

A determined Pascagoula failure to yield accident lawyer could help you bring a claim against the party responsible for your injuries. They could handle all elements of your claim including filing your complaint, settlement negotiations and more on your behalf. Call today to get started.