Ocean Springs Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury, also referred to as the law of torts, compensates people for injuries and illnesses that result from civil wrongs. Accidents, intentional acts, anything that causes physical and emotional harm to another person that could be recovered by damages in court falls under personal injury law.

If you or a loved one were injured due to the reckless and careless actions of another, you may be unsure of what to do next. Discerning legal concepts and finding out what rights you have to legal relief might be a daunting task without the insight of a skilled personal injury attorney. An Ocean Springs Personal Injury Lawyer could help you hold the negligent party accountable for their actions.

Types of Personal Injury Cases

When an accident occurs, the responsible party could be held liable for damages. The common type of personal injury claims include:

An experienced Ocean Springs Personal Injury Lawyer could review the facts of the case and help injured claimant’s recover compensation from the party that caused them harm.

Understanding The Settlement Process

A settlement is an agreement where the plaintiff agrees to give up their right to sue the defendant, in exchange for compensation. Most of the time, a case is settled for an amount of money, but it could also be settled for specific performance. Specific performance requires the defendant to perform a duty or refrain performing a certain action. Settlements may take place with insurance adjusters prior to filing an action, during discovery, after discovery, or even during the trial.

Types of Recoverable Damages

Personal injury victims in Ocean Springs may seek compensation from the party that caused their accident. Injured claimants may be eligible to recover compensation for property damage from the negligent party. Property damages could range from someone’s personal property such as vehicle damage, a broken watch, or an injury to a pet, to real property such as damage to someone’s home or lawn.

Economic And Non-Economic Damages

Economic damages compensate plaintiffs for their monetary losses such as lost wages or medical bills incurred from the injury or illness. These damages may be proven by documentation.

Non-economic damages are less straightforward and require a judge or jury to determine their value based on a variety of factors. These damages compensate plaintiffs for emotional damages, such as pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life.

The statute of limitations for seeking compensation for damages is three years from the date of the accident or injury under Mississippi Code §15-1-49.


Punitive damages are awarded in rarer occasions when the court feels that it is proper to punish a defendant for their wrongful conduct. The court would consider punitive damages if the defendant commits an act that rises above ordinary negligence, such that it requires the court to deter the defendant from committing it again.

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The process of filing a personal injury case could take time. Depending on the type of case, it could be expensive and can cause significant stress. An Ocean Springs personal injury lawyer might be able to help you overcome those barriers. They could take on your case, and advocate on your behalf in court. You could feel more confident in your efforts with a knowledgeable personal injury attorney fighting for you. Begin your journey to recovery, call now, and schedule a consultation.