Expert Witnesses in Pascagoula Car Accident Cases

An expert witness is someone who is deemed by the court to have knowledge superior to that of a lay witness because of their education, work experience, or training. The minimum requirement for experience depends on whether the person is vetted by the court and has the appropriate knowledge to assist the trier-of-fact, whether that is the judge or the jury.

It is best to speak to a knowledgeable car accident attorney to determine whether expert witnesses in Pascagoula car accident cases may benefit your case.

Benefits and Consequences of Expert Witnesses

The benefits of having expert witnesses in Pascagoula car accident cases is to testify on someone’s behalf during trial. They bring credibility to the case. Their testimony helps the trier-of-fact, whether that is a judge or a jury, make sense of difficult medical evidence or accident issues. The expert witness is able to simplify the information and break it down into something the trier-of-fact understands.

Raising Doubts In a Case

Sometimes, an expert witness may be used to testify against someone. The treating physician may be on the injured person’s side, but another expert may look into the case and believe the treating physician is wrong. Also, the opposing attorney may get another expert, such as a physician or accident reconstructionist involved that will not side with the plaintiff. The job of a defense expert is to raise doubts in the plaintiff’s case.

Common Types of Witnesses

A seasoned Pascagoula car accident attorney may use an accident reconstructionist to assist in reconstructing the accident to determine which party may be at fault for a motor vehicle collision. If the facts are set out clearly, then the attorneys could use accident reports, witness statements, and other available evidence such as impact photos of the vehicles to prove their case.

Treating Physicians

When somebody is injured, the physician that treats the injuries is the primary expert witnesses in Pascagoula car accident cases because he or she provides medical care to the injured claimant. The motor vehicle accident attorney should speak to the treating physician to discuss current treatment, future treatment, cost of total treatment and how the injury will affect the injured party’s ability to earn income and perform daily activities. When there is some dispute about the care that was provided or the opinions of the treating physician, another expert physician may oversee the medical evidence in the case and make opinions on the injured party’s behalf.

Other Types of Witnesses

An economist may be used to determine current and future lost wages for an injured plaintiff. When somebody needs long-term care, the attorney may use a life care plan expert and a rehabilitative expert who can provide the true value of the plaintiff’s losses.

Is the Expert Witness Allowed To Have An Existing Relationship With The Plaintiff?

An expert witness is allowed to have an existing relationship with the plaintiff. The only issue may be that the opposing attorney could point out bias. It is always good to have another expert back up the testimony if bias will be a question.

The Weight of Expert Witness Testimonies

Expert witness testimonies in a car accident case may be given significant weight. The expert must be able to speak well and clearly in court and be able to articulate their opinions to a jury or a judge.

The weight of expert witness testimonies may vary significantly depending on the type of witness. In some cases, the only expert is a treating physician. Those are straightforward cases where the expert physician or the medical provider gave treatment and states that the treatment they provided was the result of the injuries sustained. The more difficult cases may require multiple experts.

How A Car Accident Attorney Could Help

A skilled attorney knows the proper experts and regularly works with them. An individual wants an attorney with experience in these particular areas to tackle the issues. They must be confident that the witness is able to provide expert testimony or assist the trier-of-fact in determining the case.

It is best to seek help from an experienced attorney for help with your car accident case. They could help determine whether witnesses may be relevant in your case. Call today to learn more about the benefits of expert witnesses in Pascagoula car accident cases.