Pascagoula Truck Accidents Caused by Unsafe Lane Changes

Given how large and unwieldy commercial trucks are, they can be difficult for even the most well-trained drivers to operate safely. However, that does not excuse truck drivers from negligence on the road, especially if it leads to an accident that causes another driver or passenger to suffer serious harm.

Pascagoula truck accidents caused by unsafe lane changes are just one of many ways in which a reckless or careless truck driver could cause injury, but depending on the circumstances, it can also be among the most dangerous. If you want to effectively seek the compensation you deserve after getting involved in such an incident, you should consider working with an experienced truck accident attorney who has helped other people in your situation before.

Negligent Causes of Unsafe Lane Changes

In addition to obtaining special driver’s licenses and following various federal regulations specific to their vehicle type, commercial truck drivers must also obey all the same basic traffic laws that everyone else on the road is bound by. A truck driver who fails to use their turn signal before changing lanes or who enters a parallel lane of traffic at an unsafe speed has violated the law just as much as another driver would have doing the same thing.

In the same vein, truck drivers owe the same duty of reasonable care that all licensed drivers do, so if a trucker commits a traffic violation like failing to signal immediately prior to an accident, that violation could constitute evidence of legal negligence. Likewise, a trucker who drives aggressively, exceeds the speed limit, drives while impaired or fatigued, or drives while distracted by anything in their cab could also be held liable for an ensuing wreck based on their negligent behavior. A Pascagoula truck accident stemming from an unsafe lane change often serves as strong grounds for civil litigation.

Recovering Damages from the Liable Trucker or Company

Unfortunately, truck accidents tend to result in extremely severe injuries, as the average truck outweighs the average commuter vehicle by several tons. Even a sideswipe collision between a truck and a smaller car could cause catastrophic damage if it occurs at highway speeds, and front-end or rear-end accidents stemming from unsafe lane changes are often unfortunately fatal to occupants of the smaller vehicle involved.

To make matters worse, filing suit over a truck crash is often much more complicated than pursuing litigation over an accident between two commuter cars, as trucking companies—and the companies that insure them—often have a great deal of experience fighting civil suits and avoiding liability for accidents. With help from a qualified attorney, the injured person of an unsafe lane change truck accident in Pascagoula may be able to seek compensation for a variety of economic and non-economic damages, including but not limited to:

  • Past and future medical bills
  • Vehicle damage, including the costs of replacing a totaled vehicle
  • Past and future lost work income
  • Physical and emotional suffering, including symptoms of crash-related PTSD
  • Permanent disfigurement or disability
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

A Pascagoula Attorney Could Help After an Unsafe Lane Change Truck Wreck

Any type of truck accident can result in life-altering damage, especially if you are sideswiped or run into while driving next to a commercial truck. Fortunately, help is available from seasoned legal professionals who know how traumatic these incidents can be and could work tirelessly to get you the financial restitution you need.

Seeking help from dedicated legal counsel should be a high priority after a truck accident in Pascagoula caused by an unsafe lane change. To schedule your first consultation, call today.