Pascagoula Overloaded Truck Accident Lawyer

An overweight truck is a truck that is over the appropriate load limit. That load limit is regulated by statute, but also, each roadway may have its own specific load maximums. Many trucks, to try to maximize the amounts of freight that they haul or money that the trucking company would make, operate over the limit for heavier goods and try to bypass weigh stations in an attempt to get past those regulations. It could be very dangerous for a truck to operate above the safe weight, because it impedes braking ability of a vehicle and has other side-effects, such as damage to the roadways and inability to control the truck properly.

If you or a loved one were injured in a tractor-trailer collision due to the negligent actions of another, a Pascagoula overloaded truck accident lawyer could help your case. They could review your damages and help you seek compensation. Speak to a skilled truck accident attorney to learn about your rights and legal options to hold the negligent party accountable in court.

The Risks of Overweight and Overloaded Trucks

The risks posed to other drivers when a truck is overweight or overloaded include that the truck is going to be unable to be controlled properly. Also, it might damage the roadway, which could cause potholes and debris to fly off and harm other vehicles on the roadway. Also, the slowdown rate or braking distance would be increased, making the truck less likely to stop to avoid accidents. If an overweight vehicle was to cause an accident, those accidents tend to be more impactful due to the increased weight.

The types of materials a truck is hauling could make a major difference in the outcome of a tractor-trailer crash. If a truck is carrying hazardous materials, it is more likely to cause an explosion or cause toxic waste to spill onto the roadway and injure others. Furthermore, if livestock is involved, there is death or danger to that particular livestock.

Additionally, there is a high risk of damage to infrastructure when a truck is overweight or overloaded. Roadways are usually built to handle certain maximum loads. Once those loads are exceeded, there tends to be more damage, and those roadways wear out faster.

Who Bears Liability For a Truck Collision?

The trucking company could be found liable for accidents that occur due to overweight or overloaded trucks. They are the most obvious, but the people who have had a hand in loading any goods, equipment, or other items onto a particular trailer could also be liable. The trucking company is the most at fault for carrying those specific goods, but the truck driver individually is if they knowingly engaged in illegal or improper practices with regards to overloaded trucks. A knowledgeable Pascagoula overloaded truck accident lawyer could review the facts of the case and hold the negligent party accountable for the plaintiff’s damages.

Steps a Truck Driver or Company Could Do To Ensure the Vehicle Is An Acceptable Weight

Circumstances in which a truck might exceed the maximum weight include carrying loads that are too heavy to maximize the amount of money that is made per trip. Also, certain cargo that is hauled tends to be heavier than others.

Steps a truck driver or company could do to ensure that their vehicle is in acceptable weight include knowing the dry weight of the vehicle. They could calculate exactly what the weight would be with fuel onboard and determine what the trailer is and what it weighs without any cargo. The cargo should be properly calculated, usually by the person requesting that cargo be carried, whether it is a retailer, distributor, or any other kind of company. Usually, the carrier would know those weights and be able to calculate them appropriately.

Also, at each state line, there is a weigh station. They have to weigh in each one of those stations and make sure that they are underweight. It is a straightforward process, and most reputable trucking companies know how to do this properly.

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A truck accident could cause significant damage to everyone on the road. The driver and the trucking company could be held liable for any damages and injuries they cause. A Pascagoula overloaded truck accident lawyer could gather evidence, review the facts of the case, and speak to witnesses to help prove your case.

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