Pascagoula Truck Accident Liability

Handling a truck accident case on your own could prove to be complicated. While fault may seem clear-cut at first glance, trucking companies have experience handling these types of situations and pay significant premiums to have insurance policies, as required by law, cover them and protect them. Also, truck companies get sued a lot, so they are very experienced in how they handle these types of claims. They usually fight hard to avoid any liability.

Those who have been involved in a severe tractor-trailer collision should seek help from a knowledgeable truck accident lawyer. It is best to find a local attorney who has experience with trucking accident cases, cares about your needs, could prove Pascagoula truck accident liability, and help to maximize the amount of recovery available.

Comparative Negligence Jurisdiction

Pascagoula is a comparative negligence jurisdiction. This means that fault could be assigned to any party that may have played a role in the accident, whether a party or not. The judge will tell the jury that any person or company that was involved in the accident can be assigned fault, and the jury will make the final decision.

Comparative negligence plays a significant role because the jury can assign Pascagoula truck accident liability to any party, since it may not be as clear-cut as it seems as to who caused the collision. Given that there are usually a large number of vehicles on the roadways at any one time, it is vital to track down witnesses to the accident and get their information.

The truck company and the truck insurance company always attempts to spread out fault as much as possible and remove as much fault as possible from the trucking company. A skilled tractor-trailer collision accident attorney could speak to witnesses and gather evidence to determine Pascagoula truck accident liability.

Factors That Could Affect Liability in Pascagoula

There are numerous factors considered could move Pascagoula truck accident liability one way or another. For example, the trucking company could claim that the passenger vehicle moved into their lane to prevent them from slowing down or stopping as much as possible. Also, trucking companies tend to pin liability on other vehicles, claiming that they were traveling at a safe speed and in an appropriate lane, watching for other hazards, as well as alleging that there were other people involved.

If there are more than two vehicles involved in an accident, it creates more uncertainty for the trucking company as the cause of the crash. Other factors such as weather, heavy traffic conditions, or an erratic vehicle that may have created some uncertainty on the roadway, could affect liability. Also, trucking companies will always try to prove that the injured person had pre-existing conditions rather than the accident causing the injuries.

How a Truck Accident Attorney Could Help

It is essential to contact an attorney early on in a case to preserve evidence and to avoid making a mistake to harm your case. A tractor-trailer collision attorney should call the trucking company or insurance company and get information about speed, where the vehicle was going and what the driver was doing at the time of the accident. The attorney also works to preserve the accident scene at the time it existed, investigates the circumstances, reviews and photographs the vehicles, and talk to witnesses.

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