Mistakes to Avoid After a Truck Accident in Pascagoula

There are several steps individuals should take immediately following a truck accident such as calling 911, seeking medical treatment and reach out to an attorney. But unfortunately, people make mistakes which could make it difficult for them to recover compensation in a personal injury claim. For this reason, it is best to seek help from a diligent truck accident attorney following a tractor-trailer collision. An attorney will have experience handling cases involving big rigs and knows the courts where the case will be filed. Speak to a skilled attorney to learn about the mistakes to avoid after a truck accident in Pascagoula.

Why Is Admitting Fault at The Scene of The Truck Accident A Mistake

Some people will admit the fault wrongly and then determine later on that there were some other actions taken by the other driver that would have prevented the accident. So, admitting fault will always negate the insurance companies or the truck company’s liability and they will never pay without a lawsuit being filed. It is always important to talk to a lawyer before giving any kind of statements or discussing the claim with insurance adjusters or people working for a trucking company.

Generally, a person involved in an accident should never interact with the other person except to exchange important information such as insurance or a duplicate identification. It is important just to keep calm, keep quiet, get treated for injuries, and discuss everything else with a personal injury lawyer. If a person is polite and apologizes to certain people regarding the accident without having full knowledge of the facts, then these statements will always be used against them.  This could seriously impact any recovery or close the ability to recover compensation altogether.

Refusing Immediate Medical Treatment

Upon first impression after an accident people may not realize that they are actually injured and will not seek medical attention until later on. There is an adrenaline rush and people will not want to incur the expense of an ambulance ride or trip to the emergency room.  People tend not to want to seek medical care, especially if they feel the injuries are not serious. Accident victims may not have insurance, or they may not want to take time off work or neglect their family or their duties to others. There are a lot of other reasons people do not to go to the doctor right away. This could be a mistake because the insurance company or the truck company will say that the claimant was not injured since there was no immediate medical intervention.

One way to help a client navigate medical expenses is to get letters from the providers asking that they hold payment until the end of the case.  But generally, the person would want to put the charge on their medical insurance, if available. In certain limited circumstances, the attorney can pay for medical care if it is necessary and will work with the doctors directly to document how their treatment was affected by the accident in relation to any their pre-accident condition.

Failure to Follow Doctor’s Orders or Follow Up with Medical Treatment

It is very important for a person involved in a truck accident to follow doctor’s orders even if they do not think that it is appropriate treatment.  Doctors want to do what is best in the interest of a patient, and if the patient does not follow through with the appropriate treatment, it could be a sign that they are not really as hurt as they seem.

A treatment gap (time between the accident and medical care) can be significant because it can be claimed that there was an intervening cause for particular injuries and that the accident was not the direct cause.

The Danger in Giving Recorded Statements

An attorney would advise a person to never talk to the other driver’s insurance company without consulting the attorney first. One reason is that people make mistakes in recorded statements and will give information that is not always accurate.  This is usually not intentional but they just do not know.  These statements can always be used against an injured person later on during the claims process or litigation.

The information about the accident will always be available pursuant to accident reports, or other information exchanged at the time of the accident. The insurance adjuster will reach out early before the injured person has a chance to contact an attorney and try to get statements as soon as possible before the person has sought treatment or had a chance to consult with an attorney.

Accepting an Insurance Settlement

It would be a mistake for a person to cash a check offered by the other driver’s insurance company without consulting a lawyer because once they cash the check, they are usually signing a release. That release frees the trucking company of any liability, and most of the time, the check is for a fraction of what was owed as a result of the accident.

Reach out to a Truck Accident Attorney

The biggest failure in not contacting an attorney right after a truck accident is that injured persons will not be compensated for their injuries to the fullest extent and many times mistakes in giving information to the insurance company are made that are detrimental to the injured persons claim. That is why the best time to contact an attorney is immediately.

In general, attorneys are experienced in dealing with truck accidents, and know what information to obtain early on. Some trucks are equipped with black-box technology that shows the speed and other information about the truck at the time of the accident. The attorney will send letters to the trucking company asking it to preserve that information and document it for litigation if necessary. There also may be expert testimony, photographs, and medical records, and other important information that can be obtained early on to try to protect the injured party.

An attorney should be contacted immediately so we can maximize recovery and deal with the stress of the situation on your behalf.  We can be your guide and advocate throughout the entire process. Reach out today to learn about the mistakes to avoid after a truck accident in Pascagoula.