Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents In Pascagoula

Due to the many hazards and motor vehicles on the road, pedestrians are extremely vulnerable. Pedestrian accidents occur all too often in Pascagoula. Human errors such as driver intoxication and inattention are some of the common causes of pedestrian accidents in Pascagoula. Following a collision with a motor vehicle, it is best to discuss your options with a seasoned pedestrian accident attorney. A skilled attorney could help you seek compensation for damages following any type of pedestrian accident. Reach out to learn how you can hold the reckless party accountable for their actions.

Can Crosswalks Cause a Pedestrian Accident?

Pedestrian crosswalks are defined and marked places along a roadway where pedestrians are allowed to cross the street. Generally, pedestrians are given the right of way to cross the street at any time along the crosswalks. However, in heavy traffic or areas where vehicles are traveling at high rates of speed and pedestrian crossing is infrequent, motor vehicles may not slow down along these crosswalks to avoid accidents.

The motor vehicle has 100 percent liability if they strike a pedestrian utilizing a crosswalk in an appropriate manner and they struck that pedestrian while turning right on red. The pedestrian, even though they may have the right of way, still needs to be on the lookout for vehicles when crossing the street.

Pedestrian Accidents Involving Cars Backing Up

Cases for pedestrian accidents involving cars backing up in Pascagoula occur from time to time. It is always a good idea to check a vehicle for young children that might be playing in the vehicle or other persons walking along behind a vehicle. this type of case usually involves children playing around a vehicle in a person’s driveway.

Collisions In Parking Lots

Pedestrian accidents in parking lots are also fairly infrequent but do happen from time to time. In open and public parking lots, vehicles have a duty to allow pedestrians to walk along those areas and must yield to those pedestrians. The liability could be well and easily established against a motor vehicle that strikes a pedestrian on a public or private parking lot.

Private parking lots liability would be on a private property owner. To the extent that something was not marked or properly lit per code from a municipality or city, liability would be easy to establish. Liability against a public parking lot owner would be much harder to establish for various reasons.

Streets With No Sidewalks

Pedestrian accidents on streets with no sidewalks is probably the most common type of case. The availability of sidewalks in Mississippi is just not as common as in other places, so pedestrians who need to access the streets do so at great risk. The liability against a motor vehicle operator is still there, even though there is no sidewalk available. The pedestrian could be partially at fault because they were walking along the street at night, even if walking on the side of the street in a safe manner, or wearing dark clothing, or using the roadway in such a manner that an accident might not be avoidable.

Can Regional Weather Cause a Pedestrian Accident In Pascagoula?

Regional weather patterns could contribute to the likelihood of a pedestrian accident in Pascagoula. The area is susceptible to afternoon downpours during the summer, and people trying to cross the street in very poor weather could make for accident if they do not see the vehicle when they cross the street. Also, vehicles are not always able to avoid pedestrians when those downpours occur.

Let a Pedestrian Accident Attorney Help

Pedestrian accidents often occur when people are intoxicated or simply do not see vehicles or the pedestrian. Often, pedestrians are trying to cross major roadways in town, such as interstates, major highways, or other two and four-lane roads that are heavily trafficked. If you or a loved one were injured in a pedestrian accident, you should seek legal help. An experienced attorney can walk you through the common causes of pedestrian accidents in Pascagoula and help you seek compensation. Call today to get started.