Role of Mediation in Pascagoula Pedestrian Accident Cases

After a pedestrian accident case is filed, sometimes the parties are ordered to mediation or may choose to mediate a case.  Mediation is when a third party – it can be a lawyer, a judge, or neutral party will get involved and try to work out a compromise between the two parties.

When the parties want resolution, mediation can be extremely helpful, but sometimes parties are just not in a position to work out their differences, and trials are necessary in those cases.

Mediation is also helpful for people who just do not want to go to trial. Some people are afraid of the court system, or they do not like the uncertainty of trials. They will want to go to mediation rather than take a chance at trial.

Mediation could be helpful in a pedestrian accident case. A diligent attorney will explain the role of mediation in Pascagoula pedestrian accident cases. Reach out to a seasoned pedestrian accident attorney to discuss your case and help you determine the best resolution for your specific situation.

Who Is The Mediator In Pedestrian Accident Case?

The mediator in a pedestrian accident case is usually an attorney, but it does not have to be. Mediators do not have to be attorneys, but in most situations, people want attorneys or former judges who have experience handling pedestrian accident cases.

Attorneys usually mediate only cases with high damages, as the expense of a mediator can limit recovery.  A good mediator will try to be efficient and do a good job of protecting both parties. A good mediator will tell the good, the bad, and the ugly of each side of the case.

What Are The Costs Of Mediation?

The main cost of mediation is the hourly rate for the mediator. Usually, the group will be in one of the attorney’s offices or a conference room of some kind. Therefore, there will be no location costs for mediations.

The hourly rate is usually rather high as these are experienced attorneys or former judges, and they are well respected for the type of law that they practice.

However, if the case is resolved in favor of an injured party, usually the cost of mediations will be assessed to the insurance company or defendant. This is standard practice in this area, but it varies around the country.

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Mediation is not like a trial. It is not a formal process, and it is not binding (meaning the decision is not final, so either party can walk out at any time without committing to a final resolution).

Mediation is important because the injured pedestrian gets to see how the process works and what they could be potentially facing from the opposite side of their case.  If attorneys can resolve cases without a lot of time, expense, and hassle to the client, then mediation is a viable option for your situation. Reach out to our legal team to learn about the role of mediation in pedestrian accident cases.