Steps to Take After A Pedestrian Accident In Pascagoula

After a collision with a motor vehicle, it is best to call the police and emergency services immediately. It is important to seek help from law enforcement to ensure that the driver’s information is collected and can make a report of what occurred. Once medical treatment has been administered, it is best to retain the services of an experienced pedestrian accident attorney in your area. Speak to a diligent lawyer to learn about the steps to take after a pedestrian accident in Pascagoula.

Immediately Following a Crash

The first thing individuals should do after a collision is to make sure that all parties involved get medical treatment as soon as possible.  It is important to allow emergency personnel, who are trained to handle these situations, get to the scene, and handle that person. If onlookers try and get involved (unless absolutely necessary), this could result in further injury and damage.

If it is in a heavily trafficked area and the pedestrian needs to be moved from the area or roadway, then in certain situations, it is appropriate to move the injured person. Otherwise, that person should remain where they are until authorities, and medical professionals arrive. Also, they should call 911 to have that person checked out, even if they feel like they are okay.

Seek Medical Attention

Depending on the severity of injuries, immediately after being involved in a pedestrian accident, people should seek medical attention. There is rarely a pedestrian accident that does not involve a serious injury. It is always good to get checked out to be on the safe side. Pedestrian accidents could involve internal bleeding and internal damage to organs, so a full workup by a doctor would be appropriate in those situations.

Collecting The Driver’s Information

Many pedestrian accidents are hit-and-run collisions. In a hit and runs, the injured person will not be able to get the driver’s information unless the People should collect the driver’s information. Also, it is important to get witness statements and to talk to the police so that they could do their job to try to track down the driver. However, if the driver stays at the scene, then that information could be easily collected.

What Other Information From The Scene Of The Accident Should People Try To Collect?

Other information from the scene of the accident that people should try to collect includes insurance information, which is important. Any kind of details about the actual vehicle could be important as well as the time of day, weather information, and witnesses. If the witnesses do not stay at the scene, they should try to talk to others to get descriptions of those witnesses so that information might be collected later.

The Importance of Taking Pictures of the Accident Scene

The importance of taking pictures of the accident scene, including the vehicle involved, the location, and the physical damages, is to try to document the scene as best as possible. Police officers working at the scene will do the best they can, but different jurisdictions and officers will document the accident scene differently.  There is no uniformity.  It is important to either do document the accident scene personally or have somebody come to the scene and take pictures. Lawyers also send investigators to accidents if called upon to do so, and those investigators could get pictures of the accident scene.

Retain the Services of a Pedestrian Accident Attorney

After a pedestrian accident in Pascagoula, victims should contact a personal injury attorney after they seek appropriate medical treatment. When medical treatment has been rendered, the injured person or somebody acting on their behalf should begin working on the case. An attorney may be able to help get appropriate medical treatment, document the accident scene, and make sure that liability could be established appropriately. Call today to learn about the steps to take after a pedestrian accident in Pascagoula.