Unique Aspects Of A Pascagoula Bicycle Accident Case

In Pascagoula, bicycles are classified as vehicles. Bicycles are to use the roadway in the same manner as vehicles but should travel on the far right hand side of the road. Bicycles are required to follow all traffic signals and use hand signaling or other maneuvers to indicate to vehicles where they’re going in traffic.

Since bicyclists usually operate on the roadway, this subjects them to traffic hazards. A dangerous aspect of cycling is that usually, a cyclist is traveling at a faster rate of speed than a runner or walker, and therefore, any accidents are more prone to serious injury or death. Since there are many unique aspects of a Pascagoula bicycle accident case, it is best to retain the services of a seasoned attorney. A diligent bicycle accident attorney could help you navigate through the legal elements of your case and help you get the compensation you need.

How Do Pascagoula Traffic Laws Apply To Bicycles?

Bicycles are considered vehicles for purposes of traffic laws. Therefore, bicycles must be considered as automobiles or motorcycles in the normal lane of traffic. Most of the time in Mississippi, cyclist or bicycles will be traveling at a slower rate of speed. Therefore, a vehicle must give three feet worth of buffer to the cyclist as it passes.  This is known as the “3 feet law.”

Cyclists must obey all traffic rules, including speed limits, lights, and any other signage on the roadway, just like a normal car. Cyclists also must yield to pedestrians when they cross. However, a cyclist must realize that they are in a precarious position on the roadway and must use all reasonable efforts to alert the public that they are using the roadway. There is no requirement that cyclists use any kind of lighting or high visibility clothing during the daytime. However, they will be required to have a rear red light and a forward-facing white light if cycling is done during the evening time. Cycling at night is not advised.

What Are Some Ways That Bicycle Collisions Differ From Motorcycle Crashes?

There are not many differences between a bike crash and a motorcycle accident. Rarely will a cyclist have to obey or be in violation of any speed limits, whereas motorcyclists need to be more wary of speed limits. With regard to protective apparel, motorcyclists must wear protective headgear, cyclists do not. Motorcyclists will have operating lights, turn signals and all other equipment to notify the public of stopping, turning, or lighting up the roadway, whereas a cyclist will not have those same types of equipment most of the time.

Cyclists and motorcyclists should be aware of the dangers involved and use the roadways with that in mind. Ultimately, the public has to be aware of the dangers of these users of the roadway and must use appropriate caution when using the roadway to be aware of motorcyclists and cyclists.

How Do Most Bike Collisions Occur?

The most common accidents usually involve distracted driving and inattentiveness. For example, if a motorist is texting while driving, they can cause a severe accident.  The vehicle operator simply is not paying attention to their surroundings and may not be expecting cyclists on the roadway, even where there is a cycling path. This has resulted in numerous cycling deaths or fatalities in our community, unfortunately.

Another common cycling accident occurs when a cyclist is operating their bicycle in a normal manner on a roadway, and a vehicle simply fails to yield the right away to the cyclists. This is usually at a stop sign, and the driver just pulls out in front of the cyclist or just simply fail to yield to appropriate lights or signage and strike the cyclist.

In most cases, the vehicle operator is at-fault for the collision. However, there will be cases where the bicycle rider was operating his bicycle in a negligent manner. The attorney will have to take that into account accordingly, get appropriate testimony, and witness evidence to assess the case appropriately.

Common Injuries That Result From Bicycle Collisions

It is extremely common to have deaths result from bicycle accidents. Cyclists are extremely prone to serious injury and death. Bicyclists can even sustain severe injuries in instances where the speeds of the motor vehicle are not very high. The most common type of injuries a bicyclist could sustain includes:

A local attorney could prove the severity of an individual’s injuries in court to help them get the compensation they need.

Schedule a Consultation With a Bicycle Accident Attorney

Bicycle accidents are unique from the aspect that many automobile operators do not appreciate the dangers present for bicycle riders on the roadway. Bicyclists can sustain severe injuries in a collision with an automobile. If a bicyclist is hit by a motor vehicle, they could hold the negligent party accountable for damages. It’s extremely important to have the case worked up appropriately so that your story can be heard. A knowledgeable attorney could help you fight your case.  Schedule a consultation today to learn about the unique aspects of a Pascagoula bicycle accident case.