Pascagoula Paralysis Injury Lawyer

Much of our daily lives involve movement such as walking, running, lifting, typing, and more. Unfortunately, these simple daily activities could become impossible if an individual becomes paralyzed in some form. Paralysis could come in several ways, including the loss of control and function in a single limb, the lower half of the body, and everywhere below the neck.

If you or a loved one suffered a severe injury, the law might entitle you to receive compensation from the responsible party. An experienced Pascagoula paralysis injury lawyer could help you with various aspects of a civil case both in and out of court, from filing your claim to negotiating with opposing counsel. Injured individuals should speak to a committed personal injury attorney to learn about the steps in a case and how they may be eligible for compensation.

Common Causes of Paralysis Injuries

Paralysis injuries typically stem from blunt force trauma to the brain or spinal cord. These severe injuries could be the result of numerous kinds of accidents, including slip and fall accidents, car crashes, motorcycle wrecks, faulty products, and even medical errors.

Understanding the cause of an injury or accident may be critical to determining the best course of action in court. An experienced Pascagoula paralysis injury attorney could help determine who may bear responsibility and how the accident occurred.

How Is Liability Proven In a Paralysis Case?

In a paralysis case or any other injury case, the attorney has to prove negligence against the offending party. That is done by gathering evidence at the scene, obtaining medical evidence, hiring experts, and doing all those basic things that lawyers do to establish liability.

Understanding Shared Fault

When it comes to paralyzing accidents, an automobile driver or medical physician may be the most obvious choice to bear liability for an ensuing paralysis injury. In many cases, though, the responsibility for an accident may be shared among several individuals or parties, including the injured party.

Unlike some other states, the State of Mississippi follows a pure comparative fault system when it comes to civil liability. This means that an injured individual may be able to recover compensation no matter how much fault they bear for the accident, according to Mississippi Code §11-7-15.

However, the jury may reduce the amount of compensation awarded to an injured person by the same percentage as that person’s percentage of fault for the accident.

A compassionate paralysis injury lawyer in Pascagoula could help injured individuals understand how pure comparative fault may apply to their claim and how much compensation they may be able to recover given their specific circumstances.

What If The Injured Party Chooses Not To Treat a Condition And It Led To Paralysis?

In the event that the injured party did not seek medical attention immediately after an accident and this lack of medical led to paralysis, when the case comes to court, the judge or jury could assign some kind of negligence to them. This is because they had a duty to follow-up on medical treatment and to reduce their damages. This principle is called mitigation of damages which essentially means that if they believed they were injured but did not receive treatment immediately, there could be liability assigned to that.

Speak to a Pascagoula Paralysis Injury Attorney Today

An injured person should not have to pay for damages when the accident that injured them was not their fault. Fortunately, injured individuals could recover compensation for damages such as medical costs, lost wages, and loss of future earning capacity, as well as non-financial harms like loss of enjoyment in life, mental anguish, and loss of consortium.

A qualified attorney could help you identify the responsible party, hold them accountable in court, and negotiate with the opposing legal counsel for a settlement that suits your needs. Having a Pascagoula paralysis injury lawyer on your side could help you and your family find peace during this difficult time, so call today to get started on your case.