Factors That Could Affect A Pascagoula Bicycle Accident Case

Bicycle riders use the roadway like other motor vehicles. They must ride on the right side of the road and go with the flow of traffic like other motor vehicles. Automobile accidents are not unique and are extremely common. Even though there are many similarities, there are several differences between Pascagoula bicycle accidents and other motor vehicle collisions. Automobiles are extremely safe and continue to get safer as new standards and new technology increases. Bicycles are extremely basic and do not have any other safety aspects to protect the bicycle operators. There is just a lot of risk in operating a bicycle on roadways.

A local bicycle accident attorney could help you understand the various factors that could affect a Pascagoula bicycle accident case.

What Factors Can Lead To Bicycle Accidents Happening More Frequently Than Pedestrian Accidents?

The reason that bicycle accidents occur more frequently than pedestrian accidents because the cyclist is operating along the normal roadway and is therefore subject to higher rates of injury due to the close proximity to other vehicles. Runners and walkers are usually utilizing sidewalks or other designated areas that will keep a natural buffer between the pedestrian and automobile traffic.

What About Bicycles Often Affords Their Riders The Same Protections Pedestrians Have?

The use of cycling paths is solely for a bicycle. Automobiles should not be in these paths under any circumstances, and they’re completely designated for bicycles. If a vehicle crosses over into a cycling path that a bicyclist is using, then that vehicle will almost certainly be held responsible for any injuries or death in those circumstances.

Use Of Bicycle Helmets and Safety Equipment

Helmet laws for bicycle riders in Mississippi is that there is no helmet law.  However, many municipalities have their own laws requiring helmets.  There are no other requirements for protective apparel for bicycle riders.

Wearing a helmet is extremely important for all bicycle riders because any fall can be traumatic to the head for a bicycle rider. Not that the helmet would prevent all injuries or all injuries to the head but does work in favor of the cyclist in most circumstances.

Legal Ramifications Of Not Wearing a Helmet

The legal ramifications are solely that the negligent vehicle operator will claim that a helmet would have prevented serious injury or death. This would have to be shown by expert testimony but could reduce liability against the vehicle operator.

In most of the cases, a helmet has been extremely important in preventing severe head injury. This usually occurs at lower impact type cases and would not prevent death or extremely serious injury in higher-speed accidents.

Visibility Of a Bicyclist

Most cyclists appreciate the extreme dangers that are involved with cycling. Many bicyclists will do certain things like riding at high visibility terms, using strobing lights that flash to alert motorists, and use high visibility clothing or wear have visibility clothing to alert motorists of their presence.

Despite all of these safety procedures and protocols, there are still numerous cycling deaths and serious injuries every year in Pascagoula. Some recreational cyclists who do not utilize the roadway very often are not aware of all of the regulations with regard to cycling and how to use the roadway properly and in a safe manner. For instance, it is common to see some people ride a bicycle against traffic. And this creates an extreme danger to the bicycle rider and also is illegal.

How Can Weather Conditions Cause A Collision

Weather conditions such as rain or fog can create visibility issues with the automobile operator to see cyclists. Those sometimes are unavoidable, and it is best not to operate a bicycle in these types of conditions, if possible.

Can Weather Impact Liability In a Case?

Weather is an important factor in a bicycle accident case and can impact liability. To prove liability, the automobile operator must be operating the vehicle safely for the conditions that exist at the time of the accident. So, if it is a downpour or visibility is extremely low, regardless of the speed limit, the vehicle operator must slow down and meet the conditions that are in place.

However, if the vehicle operator does all these things and still injures or kills a cyclist, then there just has to be an assessment of fault by a judge or jury. Reconstruction of the accident scene will be necessary to show that the automobile operator was negligent and was not operating responsibly and safely.

Speak to a Pascagoula Bicycle Accident Attorney As Soon As Possible

As with all cases, each bicycle accident case is unique. Attorneys have to look at both sides, including how the bicycle rider and the automobile operator were acting at the time of accident. The court will determine whether the person was operating the vehicle in appropriate manner or whether the cyclist was operating their bicycle in appropriate manner.

The use of traffic control devices, also the signage, lighting on the roadway at the time of the accident, and the weather conditions is important factors that could affect a Pascagoula bicycle accident case and establishing who was at fault for damages. Schedule a consultation with an experienced bicycle accident attorney to discuss your case and legal options for compensation.