Traffic Laws for Bicyclists in Pascagoula

Automobile drivers and bicyclists alike are required to abide by the rules of the road. Those who violate traffic laws could be held liable for damages if they cause a collision. There are several traffic laws for bicyclists in Pascagoula. For example, there are designated bike lanes for bicyclists on the road. In Pascagoula, there is a bike trail and lanes that run throughout the city. Additionally, runners and walkers have a separate designated lane. A car is going to be going much, much faster than a cyclist, so bicyclists must use extreme caution by utilizing bicycle lanes when they are available.

The most important reason is for the safety of the cyclist. Car on bicycle accidents, the automobile is just not going to be damaged in any impactful way. The cyclist can sustain severe injuries in a collision with an automobile. An experienced bike crash attorney can explain the traffic laws for bicyclists and how it relates to your case.

How Do Traffic Laws Apply To Bicycles?

An automobile is a complex piece of machinery and requires the operator to do several things. A bicycle is extremely simple base machinery and does not require much of an operator.

Bicycles are treated as vehicles in the State of Mississippi. They may utilize the roadway just like a vehicle. The only thing that is required of a bicycle operator is to be safe, and bicyclists are in a precarious position when out in the roadways and should utilize the far right-hand side of any traffic lane and use the far right-hand side of the farthest traffic lane to the right.

Obeying The Rules of The Road

Mississippi has very few bicycle lanes compared to other parts of the country. And obeying all traffic signals, stop signs, yield signs, and all lights is extremely important. It is also important for bicyclists to be mindful of their surroundings or cars approaching to make sure that they are on the far right-hand side of a roadway. It is also required to use hand signals when making turns on a bicycle. Using any kind of emergency lanes or cycling lanes that are available is highly encouraged just to avoid the free flow of automobile traffic.

Use of Helmets

Wearing a helmet is not required in the State of Mississippi, but these are really smart things to do, and then a helmet can save their life if involved in a bicycle accident. There are no other requirements for any protection or any lights. However, it is a good idea to have at least one strobing red light on the back of a bicycle.

Are Cyclists Permitted To Bike On Pedestrian Walkways In Pascagoula?

Only children may utilize the walkways, and adult cyclists are not permitted to use sidewalks or other walkways in almost all municipalities. Children should be encouraged to ride bicycles on sidewalks to avoid contact with vehicles in traffic.

There are certain walkways that are built for bicycle traffic, but those will be clearly marked for the most part for that use. The most common example of these types of areas are wide beach lanes that are built for bicycle and walkway traffic, but those are usually located right near the beach or on-roads right next to the beach. An experienced attorney could explain the traffic laws for bicyclists as well as the unique aspects of a bike crash case.

The Use of Designated Bike Lanes

Pascagoula and other cities, mostly on the golf cost, have designated bike trails or bike lanes. The bike lanes usually do not have a special lane but are part of the existing roadway and will have an imprint of a bicycle clearly marked in the middle of the road. This alerts cyclists that this is a roadway especially marked for cyclists use in addition to regular traffic or vehicle traffic, but it also lets vehicles know that cyclists will be using this roadway.

Learn How a Pascagoula Bicycle Accident Attorney Could Help

Riding a bicycle on the road can be dangerous. When a driver fails to pay attention to their surroundings and the road ahead, they can hit bicyclists and pedestrians. Bicyclists and automobile drivers must abide by the traffic laws to avoid a collision. Schedule a consultation today to learn about the traffic laws for bicyclists in Pascagoula.