Ocean Springs Rear-End Collision Lawyer

Rear-end collisions typically occur when one car collides with the rear of another vehicle. There is a common misconception that these accidents the person who hit the rear of the vehicle is always at fault. However, there are cases where the person hitting the rear of the vehicle is not completely at fault. It depends on the circumstances of the accident.

If you or a loved one were severely injured in a rear-end collision, you have legal options. You may be eligible to seek compensation from the driver who caused you harm. Speak to a knowledgeable Ocean Springs Rear-End Collision Lawyer to learn about the type of damages you may be eligible to recover. You do not need to handle your case alone. A seasoned car accident attorney could help.

Who Is At Fault for a Crash?

The most common example where the person impacting the rear would not be held liable for a crash is when a person moves from one lane into the other and does not give enough space for the rear driver to break properly. This is common on the Interstate, but it is also common on other four-lane highways where people are all traveling in the same general direction. There has to be a buffer in traffic and some kind of advance warning when somebody is going to brake hard, which might cause an accident.

Getting witness statements and making sure that the police report is filled out correctly is important to help prove liability. Usually, in a rear-end collision case, the police officers will go ahead and assign fault. It is hard to get around the fact that the police officer has already established fault and may even issue a ticket for following too closely.

If there is some dispute about whether a driver was following too closely or any liability, then speaking to witnesses, reviewing the evidence, and getting an accident reconstructionist involved would be helpful to follow up on that liability. Accident reconstructions are simply experts that we use to recreate accidents and establish fault for that accident. But establishing liability on the front end is extremely important and just makes the case go a lot smoother and easier.

Is Ocean Springs a Contributory Or Comparative Negligence Jurisdiction?

Ocean Springs follows under the general Mississippi law of comparative negligence. Comparative negligence means that 100 percent is allocated to all parties and must be divided accordingly. For example, the courts will look at the actions of both parties in a rear-end crash, then assign each party a percentage of fault, which equals 100 percent. That can be zero to 100. A diligent Ocean Springs Rear-End Collision Lawyer could review the evidence and help the injured party recover as much compensation as possible.

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A rear-end collision can cause extremely serious injuries. One of the common injures includes whiplash-type injuries, and the insurance company of the at-fault person will be more prone to try to downplay the seriousness of the injuries or state that you had a pre-existing condition. An experienced attorney could investigate the crash and make sure the value of your injuries are fully accounted for. Schedule a consultation to discuss your case with an Ocean Springs Rear-End Collision Lawyer and learn how they could help you get the compensation you need. Call today.