Ocean Springs Parking Lot Accident Lawyer

A car accident can occur on more than just a highway or street. An automobile collision could occur in parking lots and sometimes pose a real threat to pedestrians, motorists, and their cars.

If you or a loved one were injured in a parking lot mishap, you may have questions about who may be liable for damages. An Ocean Springs parking lot accident lawyer might be able to assist you with determining liability and helping you seek compensation from the responsible driver. A seasoned car accident attorney could review your claim and advise you of your legal options.

Parking Lot Auto Accidents in Ocean Springs

When motorists disregard these traffic laws in parking lots, Mississippi Code Ann. §13-1-123 states that they may become liable for injuries and damages. An Ocean Springs parking lot accident attorney could help individuals seek compensation for damages from the negligent party.

How Distracted Driving Could Cause an Accident

The National Safety Council attributes many parking area collisions to diversions, such as texting, taking photos, personal grooming, or posting on social media while driving.

Motorists are mandated to focus on the road and attend to the quality of their driving, even in Ocean Springs parking lots. Under §63-3-1203 of the Mississippi Code, a motorist may not allow distractions to interfere with their view nor diminish their control of their automobile.

Drivers who are searching for a spot in a parking lot may occasionally take their eyes off the road. If they harm a pedestrian or hit another vehicle in the process, they could be held liable in court.

Speeding in a Parking Lot

Under Miss. Code Ann. §63-3-505, a motorist is required to drive more slowly while traveling on a narrow or winding street. A parking lot is arguably made up of a series of tightly packed roadways.

When parking lots are crowded, drivers may need to make frequent sharp turns among several rows of cars, while looking for open spots. If a driver causes a collision while driving too fast during their search for a parking space, they may face a lawsuit for accidents they cause. An Ocean Springs parking lot crash attorney may discuss the circumstances of individual accidents during a consultation with an injured party.

Pedestrian Rights in Ocean Springs Parking Areas

The sheer volume of cars in a crowded lot can pose a threat to pedestrians. Distracted or frustrated drivers may create a precarious environment for those walking to and from Ocean Springs businesses.

Under §63-3-1112 of the Mississippi Code, motorists must scan the area for pedestrians, in order to avoid hitting them. Individuals who have been harmed by a motorist, while walking through an Ocean Springs parking area, may be able to seek a remedy from the driver.

Make An Appointment to Speak with an Ocean Springs Parking Lot Accident Attorney

Parking lot accidents in Ocean Springs can be frustrating and also scary. If you were harmed by the negligence of another in an Ocean Springs parking facility, you may be able to file a claim for damages.

It may be helpful for you to seek help from a legal professional who can address your questions and concerns about filing a civil lawsuit. Speak to an Ocean Springs parking lot accident lawyer to learn about how you may be eligible to hold the responsible party accountable for their actions. Call today to schedule a consultation.