What Makes Pascagoula Maritime Injury Claims Unique

Maritime injury cases can be challenging and complex. Ship owners may try to cover up injuries and avoid liability. The injuries an individual could sustain on a boat could be serious, and the liability can be great for the shipowner.

A knowledgeable maritime injury attorney could help individuals hold ship owners accountable for their actions. They could establish damages and back up the medical evidence to support the claims. Speak to an attorney to learn about what makes Pascagoula maritime injury claims unique.

Types of Maritime Injuries

Working on the open waters is one of the most dangerous jobs available, so maritime injury claims rates are higher than other claims. The injuries on open waters are much different than in a regular workplace on land. When working on the open water, the environment tends to be more dangerous due to the weather and sea conditions. The worker uses different kinds of equipment as well as the type of manual labor involved. The injuries tend to involve strained backs, neck trauma, and shoulder injury, broken bones, and serious lacerations.

Negligence in A Maritime Injury Case

A maritime employer must provide the seaman with a reasonably safe place to work, and must use ordinary care under the circumstances to maintain and keep the vessel on which the seaman works in a reasonably safe condition.

An employer could be considered negligent due to the following:

  • Grease or oil on the deck
  • Failure to properly maintain equipment
  • Failure to provide the crew members with the proper equipment for them to do their work
  • Failure to properly train the seaman or the crew
  • Failure to require the crew to follow safe work methods

All vessels at sea are supposed to have proper insurance to cover most damages and injuries. When an injury occurs, the insurance adjusters will investigate the accident, speak to the injured party and other crewmen to determine whether the insurance company is liable or not. An experienced lawyer could investigate the claim and prove negligence to help the injured claimant recover compensation.

Filing a Claim

The claims for a maritime injury are almost always filed in a particular format and are handled in federal court. The injured claimant must state with specificity the acts involved, the federal statutes implicated, and the type of relief being pursued. The forms must be filed in the right place, so it depends on where the vessel was located, the ship owner’s location, and where the work took place. A seasoned maritime injury attorney could ensure that all claims and supporting documentation are filed properly.

How a Maritime Injury Attorney Could Help

It is important to consult with a maritime injury lawyer following an accident because it is a specific legal area that requires specialized knowledge. It is best to seek help from a maritime injury attorney who regularly handles cases involving the fishing, oil, and gas industry. They could investigate the incident, collect evidence, and help prove the maritime employer’s negligence in court.

Following a maritime injury, individuals should reach out to a diligent attorney. They could help individuals understand what makes Pascagoula maritime injury claims unique. Call today to learn about how an attorney could help your case.