Pascagoula Cargo Worker Injury Lawyer 

For the maritime shipping industry, moving cargo is an essential part of the process. When container ships or other vessels carrying freight come to port, they need to be unloaded quickly as on-land transport may be waiting, or fresh products could be time-sensitive. Working under pressure, with huge machines and heavy equipment, makes cargo workers’ jobs intense and could cause severe accidents.

If you or a loved one were injured during employment as a cargo worker, a knowledgeable maritime injury attorney could help your case. A Pascagoula Cargo Worker Injury Lawyer could review the facts of your case and help you seek compensation for your damages.

Risks to Cargo Workers

Cargo workers face exceptional on-the-job hazards because of the nature of the work. In the crowded workspace of a shipping port or dock, workers run the risk of getting hit by a vehicle in traffic or falling in the water. Lack of or faulty safety equipment can make a bad situation worse, as well.

Cranes, forklifts, and other mechanized equipment are used to move and lift cargo. These pose particular risks to dock and cargo workers because a dropped load or a person getting struck by a moving crane can be catastrophic.

Cranes operators must be well-trained and skilled. Operator error, possibly attributable to improper training or overwork, can result in dock personnel injury. Fatigue is common where hours may be irregular, and job demands high.

Workers in charge of crane operations must also communicate with others to manipulate their machines safely and effectively. A breakdown in communications, even momentarily, can lead to a Pascagoula cargo worker accident.

Mechanical failure, causing jams or equipment breakdown, can result in a mishap, particularly where movements need to be perfectly timed and synchronized, such as in cargo exchange work. Failure could be because the machine or parts itself are faulty, or was not adequately maintained.

Finally, moving cargo by hand comes with risks. Improperly loaded or stowed shipments can result in freight falls. Employees must also undergo training in proper lifting and carrying techniques so they do not injure themselves when required to do manual moving. Explosive or toxic materials also pose a risk to cargo workers if incorrectly stowed or sealed.

Filing a Maritime Lawsuit

If an injured worker has a claim that cannot be resolved out of court, filing a lawsuit may be necessary. Maritime tort plaintiffs have a right to file in federal court under 28 United States Code § 1333.                  `

Under some, but not all laws, plaintiffs have a right to a jury trial, rather than a bench trial, where a single judge will preside. Depending on the claims and nature of the case, it may be more advantageous to file in state court, as some state laws provide the right for a jury trial. An experienced Pascagoula maritime injury attorney could help with court and law selection, as every case is unique.

Seek Help from a Pascagoula Cargo Worker Injury Attorney Today

Navigating the laws can seem overwhelming for unrepresented plaintiffs. Consulting an attorney means that they could worry about the legal particulars of the case, alleviating the stress of faring the legal system alone.

You have legal rights within maritime law to seek compensation for your injuries and resulting medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering. Contact a Pascagoula Cargo Worker Injury Lawyer to get started on your case today.