Pascagoula Admiralty Laws

Admiralty is similar to maritime law, but it may involve international law governing relationships between private parties and governments. Different legislation, usually federal legislation governs rights regarding who can use public waters, use of mineral rights under the sea or in coastal waters. The jurisdiction in admiralty law cases is complicated. It depends on the type of issues and where the issues take place. It can be broad and complicated.

Those who have been injured while working on the water should speak to a diligent maritime injury attorney immediately. It is best to seek help from a seasoned attorney who has experience handling maritime injury and Pascagoula Admiralty laws.

What Is The Duty of Care?

Pascagoula Admiralty law may involve negligence, but it generally refers to a purposeful injury and depends on the circumstances. Since there are passengers and seamen who work on the water, there is a liability doctrine of negligence towards passengers on the open waters. Additionally, there is liability for a wrongful death. A shipowner has a general duty of care to any passenger.

Claims Based on The Type of Vessel

Any seaworthy or ocean-going vessel is covered by both maritime law and admiralty law. The options available for seamen who are injured include maintenance and cure, meaning lost wages and medical care. It is best to speak to a skilled maritime injury lawyer to learn about the types of damages and benefits a victim may be eligible to recover.

Cruise Ships

Cruise ship liability could be difficult to determine. Most crew ships operate in international or federal waters, and they are deemed corporations of countries other than the United States. Therefore, when an individual goes on a cruise, there is an assignment of liability wherein they get limited damages in those cases. It is important to break through some of those waivers and other international protections to get at the actual cruise ship owner who is trying to avoid liability.

Ferry Boats

Ferries do not operate in international waters but they do operate in domestic or federal waters. Those claims are more straightforward.

Tugboat or a Tug

The Jones Act governs the use of tugboats, and people who operate tugs or seamen who work on these vessels are governed by the Jones Act. They are entitled to maintenance and cure compensation for any injuries that occur on the water.

How a Maritime Injury Attorney Could Help

All of the activities that happen out in open water, federal, or international waters can be considered part of admiralty or maritime law. This includes regulating shipping, commerce, navigation, piracy, and recreational boating. Those who have been injured on the water may be eligible to recover compensation such as maintenance and cure. Maritime and admiralty laws could be difficult to understand without a knowledgeable defense attorney.

Let a well-versed maritime injury attorney help your case. They could help you understand the nuances of Pascagoula Admiralty law and help you seek the compensation you need to move forward. Speak to an attorney to learn about your eligibility for damages. Call today to schedule a consultation.