How to Apply for Workers’ Compensation in Pascagoula

When an employee is injured on-the-job, they may be eligible to seek workers’ compensation benefits. The steps to file a workers’ compensation claim are straightforward. The process starts shortly after an injury.  If they are denied, then the individual has to file a Petition to Controvert (PTC) and their workers’ compensation attorney will take over with filing appropriate motions and conducting discovery to seek proper compensation. Speak to a seasoned workers’ comp attorney to learn about how to apply for workers’ compensation in Pascagoula.

What Is Required to File for Workers’ Compensation in Pascagoula?

If the employer has filed the First Report of Injury with the Workers’ Compensation Commission, this will open a case and assign a case number. All the injured employee has to do is file a Petition to Controvert. It is a one-page form which describes:

  • How the injury occurred
  • What time it occurred
  • The date it occurred
  • A general explanation of how the injury occurred
  • The type of medical benefits that were given
  • The type of compensation that was awarded

Workers’ compensation attorneys will ask the injured individual to bring to the office any medical information that has been obtained from a hospital or physician about their injury since the date of the accident.  Any information obtained from the employer or the insurance carrier is very important. Sometimes there will be witness statements taken by the employer and the attorney would ask them to bring those if they are available. If the employee does not have these documents, the attorney can obtain them.

Difficulties When Applying for Benefits

The difficulty in applying for workers’ compensation is not in the application itself but from the insurance company. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney knows how to deal with each individual insurance company and how to best approach each situation. Some employers will deny benefits from the outset and make the individual fight for everything. Others are easier to get along with and know that they need to treat their employees correctly and do right by them.

How A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Could Help

An experienced workers’ compensation attorney in Pascagoula can help the injured employee get the benefits they need. The attorney can take the worry off of injured employees and destress the situation. Insurance company adjusters are extremely difficult to get along with sometimes, and the attorney will take that burden over for the most part and walk them through the process. Even with an attorney involved, it can still be frustrating and difficult because of the timelines that are involved. The Commission and Department of Labor work at a very slow pace and sometimes getting a hearing date and trial date is very difficult. Also, getting physicians to provide the necessary paperwork can be time-consuming.

The biggest asset of a workers’ compensation attorney is their experience and knowledge. They have the necessary case law and knowledge of workers’ compensation benefits and know what to expect from insurance companies, which can make the process a lot smoother. Call today to learn about how to apply for workers’ compensation benefits in Pascagoula.