Workers’ Compensation Denials in Pascagoula

When an employee is injured while on-the-job, the injured employee may not be able to continue working. After an accident, the injured employee will need compensation to pay for their injuries as a result of on-the-job work. Most injured employees will be eligible to recover workers’ compensation benefits. Unfortunately, employees are often denied the benefits they need.

A workers’ compensation claim might be denied in Pascagoula if the judge deems that the injury did not occur on the job or is not related to the employment. There are other circumstances where the doctor might believe that the injured individual is not telling the whole story about their injury, which could prompt the judge to issue an unfavorable decision.  However, if the doctor orders the individual to go back to work, the individual could lose his or her job if they do not. We will always fight for the maximum possible recovery in your case.

If your workers’ compensation benefits have been denied, an experienced attorney could help your case. A workers’ compensation lawyer could evaluate your claim and help you recover the benefits you need. Reach out to learn about workers’ compensation denials in Pascagoula.

First Step To Take After A Claim Has Been Denied

If someone’s workers’ compensation claim is denied, they should contact a lawyer immediately. The lawyer will need to obtain all the information, fee agreements, and signed Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) releases that will allow the lawyer to review their medical records. Lawyers will fight these denials in an appropriate and systematic way. Many people attempt to manage their cases on their own, though such endeavors are often unsuccessful. A skilled workers’ compensation lawyer could navigate the many avenues that the insurance company will likely use to try to avoid paying claims.

Preventing Future Medical Treatment From Being Denied

Once an individual’s workers’ compensation has been approved, the worker should regularly follow up with their physician and seek all appropriate treatment to ensure that their future medical treatment is not denied. Not following up with a nurse case manager is another thing that can result in a disruption of benefits. Sometimes, an employer will pay for a nurse to oversee treatment to help get the employee back to work in a timely manner.

Failing to follow up with the nurse, lying, and failing to advise of a change of address or phone number can result in a disruption of benefits. Workers that are not truthful about the circumstances surrounding the injury can also disrupt the benefits process. If medical treatment is being denied, the injured employee’s attorney could file the appropriate pleadings to have those benefits reinstated.

How A Workers’ Compensation Attorney Could Help

Workers’ compensation claims are often denied if the employer believes that the injury was not causally related to the employment or that it did not occur during the course and scope of the employment. The contention and denial are based on whether the employee’s injury is related to their employment or severe enough to prevent them from coming back to work.

If a workers’ compensation claim is denied, a Pascagoula workers’ compensation lawyer can file a petition to controvert under state law.  This petition begins the process to obtain full benefits you deserve and need. There are different forms that an experienced lawyer can utilize in the federal system to file a complaint against the employer and the insurance company for denying the claim, which initiates the benefits process. A workers’ compensation lawyer can also obtain medical records to determine what the treating physician diagnoses and whether their treatment and statements about the injury are appropriate. Discovery might also be sent to the insurance company, which would ask the company questions to find out why they denied the claim. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about workers’ compensation denials in Pascagoula.