Ocean Springs Bucket Dredger Accident Lawyer

Earning a living working near Ocean Springs’ waterfront can be a dangerous proposition. Many of these jobs require people to obtain a thorough knowledge of heavy machinery and how to keep safe around hazardous waterways.

Sadly, even with extensive training and strict safety protocols, accidents can and do happen. Especially for workers who operate bucket dredgers, the risks can be substantial. A simple moment of carelessness or a single malfunctioning piece of machinery can cause life-altering injuries. When this happens, workers have the right to seek compensation for their losses with the help of a knowledgeable maritime injury attorney.

An Ocean Springs bucket dredger accident lawyer may be able to help in this pursuit. They can provide information about the laws that apply to workers on bucket dredgers. They can also help to pursue claims for compensation through the Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs (OWCP).

Injuries that May Affect Bucket Dredger Workers 

Bucket dredgers are heavy pieces of machinery that have the potential to seriously injure or even kill an employee. It is essential that workers and their employers aim towards keeping these machines in good working order and take steps to ensure worker safety.

Unfortunately, failures in these areas are common. A single loose bolt on the bucket dredger could cause large pieces of metal to go flying through the air. Even more innocuous hazards such as standing water or a drowsy coworker could lead to errors that cause serious losses.

One beneficial thing about these claims is that an injured employee does not need to show that an employer’s negligence caused the incident. In fact, many successful claims are the result of accidents that are a worker’s own fault. As long as a worker was on the clock at the time of the injury and was performing their work duties as ordered, their claims should meet little resistance. An Ocean Springs bucket dredger accident attorney could work to investigate the cause of a worker’s injuries.

Options for Pursuing Compensation After an Injury

Bucket dredger workers occupy a special class of employees under federal labor law. Since their role in maintaining the nation’s waterways, these employees fall under the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA). The LHWCA creates a fund to provide compensation to dredge workers who suffer on the job injuries.

In many ways, this operates in much the same way as traditional workers’ compensation law. An injured worker merely needs to report their injury to a supervisor and file a claim with the Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs (OWCP) to collect benefits.

Sadly, many injured bucket dredger employees meet resistance in their claims. The OWCP may not believe that the injury is connected to time spent on the job. Or it may attribute the injury to drunkenness or horseplay. Here, an employee has the right to an appeal. An experienced Ocean Springs bucket dredger accident attorney is prepared to take the lead in these appeals at both the local level and before an Administrative Law Judge.

Let an Ocean Springs Bucket Dredger Accident Lawyer Lead the Way

Suffering an injury while on the job can be a demoralizing and financially devastating event. You deserve compensation for all your medical bills, as well as payments for any lost wages. Bucket dredger workers should be able to collect these payments by pursuing a claim through the Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs.

Unfortunately, you may receive a denial. This could be due to a lack of medical evidence or a lack of connection to performing your job. An Ocean Springs bucket dredger accident lawyer is here to help. They can explain your rights under the law and take the necessary steps to pursue effective appeals. Reach out to an Ocean Springs bucket dredger accident lawyer today to discuss your claim.