Greene County Paralysis Injury Lawyer

In addition to temporary or permanent loss of feeling or movement in a part of the body, an injury resulting in paralysis may cause additional profound and lasting ailments to the body, as well. In cases of severe paralysis injuries, an injury may completely paralyze an accident victim for the rest of their life, resulting in the need for extensive amounts of expensive medical devices and equipment to be installed for at-home care of the patient.

If you suffered any form of paralysis due to an accident, the negligent party responsible for causing the accident may be held liable for damages. With the assistance of a Greene County paralysis injury lawyer, you could ensure your claim is timely filed and fervently pursued by a knowledgeable legal professional. A dedicated catastrophic injury attorney could help you seek compensation for your injuries and damages.

Typical Injury Claims for Paralysis

A paralysis injury may result in partial or complete paralysis and may affect only a particular limb or an entire portion of the body. Although a paralyzing injury can occur under various circumstances, some of the more common paralysis injury claims arise from the following:

Regardless of the type of personal injury claim that arises from a paralysis injury, if a paralyzing injury is negligently inflicted, the at-fault party responsible for causing a victim’s injuries could be liable for the losses they suffer. A skilled civil litigation attorney specializing in paralysis injury claims could assist with the appropriate claim filing for a paralyzing injury and work to ensure any compensation potentially owed to an accident victim is sought to be recovered in a lawsuit.

Determining Fault in a Greene County Paralyzing Accident

To determine fault in an injury claim based on negligence, the claimant will have the burden of proving that the opposing party’s negligent actions caused their paralysis injury. For an injured party to succeed, they must effectively prove the following in this sequential order:

  • Duty – the opposing party owed a duty to the claimant
  • Breach – the opposing party breached their duty owed to the claimant
  • Causation – the opposing party’s breach was the actual and proximate cause of the claimant’s injury
  • Damages – the claimant suffered damages due to their injury

In addition to proving negligence, if an injured party plays a role in causing their injuries, they will need to mitigate their losses by showing they are less at-fault for their injuries than the opposing party. Under Mississippi’s contributory negligence law, codified at § 11-7-15 of the Mississippi Code, if an injured claimant is partially responsible for causing a paralyzing injury to themself, they may still seek to recover damages, no matter what the extent of their culpability may be. However, any monetary damages the injured party is awarded will be in a reduced amount proportionate to their percentage of fault.

Find Out How a Greene County Paralysis Injury Lawyer Could Help You

When an injury sustained in an accident results in partial or complete, temporary or permanent paralysis, the ramifications could be dire. The medical costs for the extent of treatment required for paralyzing injuries can result in the placement of a hefty financial burden on an accident victim and their family.

If you or your loved one recently suffered a paralyzing injury in an accident due to the negligent actions of another, you may be owed financial compensation for your losses. Contact a Greene County paralysis injury lawyer today for help to recover damages in a personal injury lawsuit.