Gautier Paralysis Injury Lawyer

The loss of sensation or motor control in a part of the human body is known as paralysis. While certain diseases and health issues can cause paralysis, the condition is primarily related to head or neck injuries.

Living with paralysis can be taxing on a person and their family. In addition to the physical changes a person is required to adjust to, there are also mental and financial hardships. Emotionally, a person with a paralysis injury could face depression or mental anguish. The financial costs of living with paralysis can be expensive. A seasoned Gautier paralysis injury lawyer could help you seek the compensation you need.

While money cannot reverse a paralysis injury, a monetary award could help you meet your financial needs following an accident. A skilled catastrophic injury attorney might be able to provide the assistance you need to recover damages on your claim.

Types of Paralysis

While paralysis comes in many forms, these injuries are divided into four different categories. These categories distinguish themselves not how the injury occurred, but by the part of the body that is affected. Understanding the nature of these injuries is critical for any Gautier paralysis injury attorney. The four types of paralysis include monoplegia, hemiplegia, paraplegia, and quadriplegia.


Monoplegia is the name for paralysis to a single limb or organ. Typically, monoplegia impacts a single arm or leg. While monoplegia is fairly common, most instances of this form of paralysis result from congenital conditions. However, it can occur through injuries that pinch or damage a nerve.


This type of paralysis impacts a single arm and leg on the same side of the body. Hemiplegia is the least common form of paralysis, most commonly associated with cerebral palsy. Like monoplegia, it is possible but uncommon for this condition to result from an injury.


Paraplegia is the loss of control and sensation from the waist down. It typically involves not just the legs, but the organs in the lower half of the body as well. This condition frequently results from neck or back injuries.


Largely considered the most severe form of paralysis, quadriplegia results in the loss of us of the body from the neck down. Quadriplegia is most commonly tied to neck and head injuries.

Damages in a Paralysis Lawsuit

Like with any other personal injury claims, a Gautier paralysis injury attorney could seek a wide variety of monetary compensation for their client. Damages like pain and suffering, medical bills, and lost wages could play an important role in these cases. However, there are also damages that more relevant to paralysis injuries than others.

Compensation for medical devices like motorized wheelchairs is common with these claims. In addition to the wheelchairs, plaintiffs may also seek monetary compensation for any necessary home improvements. Many homes are not wheelchair accessible, making these changes necessary.

In some cases, a paralysis injury could result in a person losing the ability to care for themselves. When this occurs, compensation could be available for long-term or permanent in-home care.

Let a Gautier Paralysis Injury Attorney Help

From medical bills to home renovations, a person with paralysis could recover a broad range of compensation if another person caused their injuries. Unfortunately, seeking compensation for damages could be difficult.

An experienced Gautier paralysis injury lawyer could help you to maximize your chances of a financial recovery. To discuss your paralysis injury claim, call right away to schedule a consultation.