Gautier Burn Injury Lawyer

Burn injuries are common and range from minor to severe. However, many burn injuries can have devastating consequences. Severe burns could lead to a lifetime of pain and scarring for some people. When these burns occur due to another person’s negligence, the injured party could seek compensation. A seasoned catastrophic injury attorney could investigate the cause of the accident and help the injured party recover compensation for damages.

If you or a loved one suffered a severe burn injury due to the reckless actions of another, you may be eligible to bring an injury lawsuit. To discuss your legal options in detail, contact a Gautier Burn Injury Lawyer as soon as possible.

Understanding the Severity of Burn Injuries

Medical professionals categorize every burn wound into one of four categories. These categories or degrees are sorted by their severity. First-degree burns make up the least-severe injuries, while fourth-degree burns have devastating consequences.


A first-degree burn is a minor, surface-level injury. These burns do not typically result in a personal injury claim, as they commonly resolve themselves in a matter of days. While painful, first-degree burns result in little more than redness on the surface of the skin.


A second-degree burn damages several of the outer layers of skin and can result in substantial pain. These injuries only last a few days but could involve swelling and blisters.


A third-degree burn is a severe injury that could carry permanent consequences. These burns cover every layer of skin below the burn area and often destroy the surrounding nerves. They can leave the area of the burn charred, cracked, or white.


Fourth-degree burns are frequently fatal and have significant health complications for anyone that survives their injuries. These burns damage more than just skin, often reaching a person’s muscle and bone as well.

Parties in a Burn Injury Lawsuit

When a negligent party causes an accident, they could be held liable for damages. This could be a careless driver that caused a car collision, or a negligent repairman whose work resulted in a fire hazard. However, there are many other parties that could be held liable.

Burns can also result from defective products. When a product causes sparks or bursts into flame, it could result in a serious burn injury. Anything from harsh chemicals to small appliances could lead to a fire if the product is defective. When these defective products lead to a burn injury, a plaintiff could bring a claim against the manufacturer responsible for the product.

Regardless of the responsible party, a skilled Gautier Burn Injury Attorney could help a burn victim seek compensation for their injuries.

Seek Help from a Gautier Burn Injury Attorney Today

Dealing with a burn injury can be a long, painful ordeal. In addition to the physical challenges, those who have been severely burned are often left with significant financial hardships. Fortunately, an experienced attorney could help your case.

Following a serious burn, it is best to discuss your claim with a Gautier Burn Injury Lawyer. To learn about your legal options, call today to schedule a consultation.