Pascagoula Walmart Slip and Fall Lawyer

Filing suit over a slip and fall in a retail store like Walmart may seem like a straightforward prospect—after all, Walmart Inc. certainly makes enough money to cover a few medical bills, and you certainly did not slip or trip all by yourself. Unfortunately, getting a successful case result against a corporation as big as Walmart is anything but simple, even if you have strong evidence of negligence and thorough documentation of your injuries.

Without representation from a Pascagoula Walmart slip and fall attorney, your chances of coming out on top against Walmart’s legal team and insurance reps are slim to none. However, a seasoned slip and fall attorney could give you an honest appraisal of your chances of success, help you collect relevant evidence, and work to build as strong a case as possible given your unique situation.

What Damages Could Be Recoverable?

While some smaller businesses may have what is known as “Medical Payments” coverage in their commercial insurance policy that automatically pays medical expenses for customers injured in the policyholder’s store, Walmart is not one of those companies. Instead, Walmart handles personal injury claims through a “third-party” company called Claims Management, Inc. (CMI), and since CMI seemingly has no other clients other than Walmart, they have a lot of time to fight against any and all civil claims for slips and falls inside Walmart stores.

Fortunately, successful slip and fall cases against this corporation in the past have sought comprehensive financial recovery for a variety of damages. While past and future medical bills are generally a focal point of this kind of claim, civil juries have also awarded compensation for non-economic pain and suffering, as well as various other economic losses like property damage and lost work wages.

However, these claims often go through more than one round of appeals, and unfortunately, cases tend to have better odds of success when a plaintiff’s injuries are more debilitating and life-altering. A seasoned Pascagoula Walmart slip and fall attorney could review an individual accident victim’s circumstances during a private consultation and explain what their legal options may be.

Key Components of a Successful Walmart Slip and Fall Claim

Personal recollections and eyewitness testimony are unfortunately not going to cut it for anyone who wants to file suit against Walmart for slip and fall injuries. In order to maximize chances of success, it may be important for a plaintiff to send a written request to the store where their accident occurred requesting that video surveillance footage and other physical evidence be preserved. This kind of letter to a Pascagoula Walmart has a lot more weight to it if it comes from a qualified slip and fall lawyer.

In addition, prospective plaintiffs should collect as much evidence about what happened during and after their accident as possible, including not just documentation from professional medical examinations, but also the clothes and shoes they were wearing, past communications with Walmart, and bills from healthcare providers and insurers.

Finally, it can be critical to say as little as possible to Walmart’s insurance adjusters and legal representatives. Civil plaintiffs are not required to give recorded statements to anyone acting on their defendant’s behalf, and any communication that does occur between the plaintiff and these parties should be facilitated by their own legal counsel.

Seek Help from a Pascagoula Walmart Slip and Fall Attorney

Make no mistake: slip and fall lawsuits against corporations as massive as Walmart have unfortunately low odds of success, especially if your injuries are not especially serious or well-documented. If you do want to boost your chances of a positive case outcome, though, working with an experienced legal professional is virtually required.

A Pascagoula Walmart slip and fall lawyer could explain the possibilities in your situation and help you build the best case possible. Call today to set up an initial meeting.