Initial Meeting With a Pascagoula Premises Liability Attorney 

When a person is injured on another’s property, the landowner could be held liable for damages. Unfortunately., anytime someone is injured on a premises, this does not necessarily mean that they are able to recover compensation for that injury. There are laws set up to also help protect businesses from liability. The classification of the injured visitor in Mississippi will exclusively determine whether the business owner or premises owner can be held liable for any injury.

It is important that a person speak with a knowledgeable premises liability in your community to determine whether you have a case for any injuries sustained on another’s land. Call to schedule an initial meeting with a Pascagoula premises liability attorney and learn how they could help your case.

Meeting With a Premises Liability Lawyer

Initial meetings with a premises liability attorney extremely straightforward. The injured person should go to the law firm or meet by telephone or video conferencing, if necessary and discuss what happened on the premises.

Disclosing Personal Information

The attorney will discuss what type of case they have and the likelihood of recovery in that case. Any and all documents they have received from any medical provider or the premises owner need to be provided to the attorney at that first consultation. They will also discuss the type of medical treatment that was received and what is needed going forward.

The attorney will request that they sign a HIPAA release. This HIPAA release allows us to get all medical information about them, including pre-existing conditions. This means that any and all medical information that exists prior to the accident in question will be disclosed to the attorney and the premises owner. They will also be asked to provide information about employment and wage information if lost wages is going to be part of the claim.

It is extremely important to disclose everything to their attorney and medical provider. The premises liability attorneys cannot do their jobs properly if there is not full disclosure about all medical conditions that existed prior to the accident in question and exactly what happened on the date of the accident in question.

Maintain Communication

Following that initial meeting, if the injured person retains a premises liability attorney, they will have to regularly communicate with that attorney and keep them up to date on any changes in medical status or any changes to their personal information.

Importance of Seeking Medical Help

The most common misconception following a premises liability accident is that just because someone sustained an injury on another’s property, it does not mean they are allowed to recover compensation from that business. There are many circumstances that could have led to the injuries. For example, a pre-existing medical condition could have led to the injured person’s injuries. It is important to get medical treatment immediately and talk with a lawyer right away so that treatment can be tied back to the injury sustained on the premises.

Many medical problems can be related back to a condition unrelated to the property accident injury. It is best for the injured person to be honest with the doctor and be honest with the attorney about the extent of their injuries.

Benefits Of Working With a Premises Liability Attorney

A person should be expected to be treated with respect, updated about the case progression, and be able to contact their attorney at any given time to discuss their case. They should always be treated with kindness, and full disclosure on any issues that arise during the case should be communicated to the client as soon as they arise. They all should expect their case to proceed in an efficient manner.

While many premises liability cases are straightforward and simple, there are nuances and complexities for many cases, and it is not always obvious who is at fault and why they are at fault in many circumstances. Furthermore, premises owners have set up their businesses in a way to limit liability as much as possible. An experienced attorney can look into all available coverage and all the available entities that should be held responsible for the safety of employees on the premises and also customers or guests of any kind of premises or business.

Call now to schedule an initial meeting with a Pascagoula premises liability attorney to get started on your case.