Motorcycle Helmet Laws in Pascagoula

Motorcyclists are required to wear helmets in Pascagoula. Mississippi law requires that a motorcyclist wears a crash helmet that is inspected and approved by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators, per Mississippi Code § 63-7-64. If a motorcyclist fails to wear a helmet while riding a motorbike, they could sustain severe injuries. Also, the lack of a helmet could affect a victim’s compensation award in a personal injury case.

Since the use of a helmet could affect a victim’s recovery following a motorbike collision, it is best to speak to a knowledgeable motorcycle accident attorney. A seasoned attorney could help injured individuals learn about the motorcycle helmet laws in Pascagoula.

Role of Helmets in a Motorcycle Accident Case

Helmets must meet several safety standards and be certified to a certain strength. They do a good job of protecting the head and the brain. However, in some high impact cases, nothing fully protects a motorcyclist. Motorcyclists could sustain catastrophic injuries if they are not wearing a helmet while riding their bike. Unfortunately, a helmet does not protect against all injuries. When a person is struck in a way that causes the head to impact the vehicle, the roadway surface, or other structures, a helmet might protect them from death or serious injury.

What Are The Legal Ramifications Of Not Wearing a Helmet in Pascagoula?

If someone is not wearing a helmet while riding their motorcycle, they can be ticketed for not wearing a helmet. There is a minimum fine for not wearing a helmet. The state has a standard fine, but they differ from municipality to county.

Understanding Comparative Negligence

Comparative negligence is the assigning of percentages of fault to any party to the accident. The amounts must equal 100 percent. The judges and jury are given instructions on how to apply the percentages.

A vehicle driver could argue that if the motorcyclist was wearing the helmet, their injuries would be nonexistent or not as severe. The motorcyclist might be held at fault to some degree for not wearing a helmet. The presence of a helmet shows that the person was a safe operator of the motorcycle. It could prevent an assignment of fault to the individual.

There could be an instruction to the jury that if the motorcyclist had worn a helmet, the injury would not have occurred. The jury would ultimately have to make that decision. In the State of Mississippi, injured plaintiffs may be eligible to recover compensation even if they are 99 percent at fault for a collision. Their compensation award will be reduced by their percentage of fault for the motorcycle accident.

How a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Could Help

In Pascagoula, motorcycle riders are required to wear helmets while riding on a motorbike. If the helmet meets safety or federal safety guidelines, it should protect the head from severe injury or death resulting from a strike in the head. However, it cannot protect a person from all injuries.

When an accident occurs, the responsible party may be held liable for damages. Additionally, the injured claimant may also be found partially liable for an accident if they did not wear a helmet during the time of the crash. It is best to speak to a diligent attorney to learn about the motorcycle helmet laws in Pascagoula. Call today to schedule a consultation.