Pascagoula Misdiagnosis Lawyer

It is not uncommon for medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, technicians, and hospital staff to make mistakes such as misdiagnosis. Practicing medicine is complicated and difficult.  Misdiagnosis refers to the failure to diagnose an injury or condition when a patient presents to the medical provider. It can be the absence of a diagnosis or it can be an incorrect diagnosis, meaning the physician diagnosed the person as having something other than what they are suffering.

Misdiagnosis is difficult to prosecute because people presenting with different symptoms may have the same condition. Injured persons must have an expert physician who will testify that a person presented with certain symptoms and that there could not be another explanation for those symptoms other than a correct diagnosis.

If you or a loved one were severely injured due to a physician misdiagnosing your illness or disease, a seasoned medical malpractice attorney could help your case. A knowledgeable Pascagoula misdiagnosis lawyer could work with you to determine whether there was medical negligence, or some other underlying issue was present.

When Does Misdiagnosis Occur?

When an individual goes to the doctor, it is expected the individual will be treated for their ailment. The patient could have only seen the doctor one time and been misdiagnosed, whereas, in other cases, they could have gone to the physician or the medical provider numerous times. The more time an individual is presented to the physician with the same or similar problems, and the physician failed to diagnose after numerous visits by the patient, the more likelihood recovery or establishing liability would be evident.

The common causes of misdiagnosis includes inadequate training, improper testing, or failure to observe standard medical guidelines. Additionally, there are many types of ailments and illnesses that could be misdiagnosed. This could include:

  • Cancer misdiagnosis
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Infection
  • Clogged arteries
  • Pulmonary embolism
  • Pregnancy complications

Building a Malpractice Case

A Pascagoula misdiagnosis lawyer will take many steps to build a case. A skilled lawyer will investigate the incident and collect evidence to prove the case. The important question a lawyer might ask a person is whether the patient gave a correct history to the physician because the doctor can only go by what is evident on radiology or by other testing and the history the patient gives her. It is very common for people to present to medical providers with symptoms that are dissimilar, yet they may have the same condition, and a physician can only go by what they are told by the patient and what testing reveals about them.

The patient must have provided a proper history and a proper assessment of their symptoms as they relates to that condition. The medical records are very telling about what occurred with regard to a patient, and the patient’s history can be very helpful to the attorney in making a proper assessment about whether there was a misdiagnosis. It is not uncommon for two physicians to have a different diagnosis for the same condition and the same symptoms, because being a doctor is complicated. In cases in which there can be only one conclusion as to a particular diagnosis, there is less room for a different opinion.

Let a Pascagoula Misdiagnosis Attorney Help

If a physician misdiagnoses an individual, and their condition worsens, the medical professional could be held liable for damages. It is best to retain the services of a seasoned Pascagoula misdiagnosis lawyer. A skilled attorney could review the facts of your case and help you seek the compensation you need to move forward. Call today to schedule a consultation.