Benefits of a Pascagoula Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

Traumatic brain injury cases are unique and require lawyers who are accessible and sensitive to both the victim and their families. When seeking counsel from a traumatic brain injury lawyer, injured claimants should look for a compassionate, experienced attorney who understands the law and applies directly to their specific case.

One of the many benefits of a Pascagoula traumatic brain injury attorney is that they could begin working on a TBI case from the outset and ensure that the injured individual is receiving appropriate medical care. The lawyer can also gather as much information as possible from the injured person, hire investigators or experts to obtain all facts of the case, and take statements from witnesses who were at the scene of the injury while their memories are still fresh in their mind.

A committed attorney will be involved in day-to-day operations, evidence procurement, and maintaining direct contact with the victim and their family to ensure that their needs are being met as the case progresses.

The Importance of Understanding Traumatic Brain Injuries

The more TBI cases that a catastrophic injury lawyer has handled, the greater their capacity to firmly grasp the facts of the case and help an injured client get the treatment they need. An experienced catastrophic injury lawyer who is expertly familiar with different types of traumatic brain injuries will also have rapport with skilled medical professionals and specialists who can help maximize the injured client’s recovery.

While the court or at-fault insurance company may not be aware of the most current laws and damages for TBI cases, an experienced lawyer can educate the court regarding lawful, potential damages for an injured client.

What to do During Initial Consultations

During an initial consultation with an individual who has sustained a TBI, the attorney will likely discuss how to most efficiently gain proper authorizations and contracts in order to move forward with the case. If the injured person is unable to articulate their situation or make decisions, they may utilize a personal representative, such as a spouse or other close family member, during the consultation. As the case progresses, that representative may act in the injured person’s best interests and help gather any medical evidence that the lawyer may need to establish a proper case.

Minor TBI cases involving an injured individual who can still speak on their own behalf and make sound decisions can be more straightforward and easier than a TBI case wherein the client is unable to care for themselves. In such cases, the attorney will likely work with family members to determine the individual’s long-term life care. When injured individuals need a variety of medical care, or their potential recovery cannot be readily determined, their TBI cases will likely go on for some time and be more complex.

Understanding the Contingency Fee Basis

In a contingent fee arrangement, the lawyer will only obtain compensation after they recover compensation for the plaintiff in a settlement. Contingency fee amounts for TBI cases are similar to those for any other personal injury case. However, if the injured individual is unable to sign a contingency fee contract on their own behalf, they may need to appear in court and have an adult guardian or conservator, such as a family member or close friend, appointed to act on their behalf.

Alternatively, the attorney and client could have the contingency fee contract signed at the client’s hospital or rehabilitation center. Once the contingency fee contract is signed and approved by the court, if applicable, the attorney can begin working on the case with the client and their guardian.

Let a Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney Help

TBI cases are unique, complex, and require close collaboration with appropriate experts and medical professionals in order to ensure maximum recovery. Due to the complexities of a traumatic brain injury case, it is best to retain the services of an experienced legal professional.

Since TBI cases often involve long-term recovery issues, lawyers should be expected to abreast of medical developments and work with experts to ensure that all the potential damages in the case are being taken into account. There are many benefits of a Pascagoula traumatic brain injury attorney. Call today to learn about how a lawyer could help your case.