Unique Aspects of a Pascagoula Spinal Cord Injury Case

A spinal cord injury is an injury anywhere along the spine from the base of the brain where the spinal cord begins to the bottom of the tailbone where the spinal cord ends. When someone contributes to injury or damage to another person’s spinal cord that is severe enough to limit that person’s ability to function, there may be legal recovery available under comparative negligence.

Catastrophic injury cases should be handled by an experienced spinal cord injury attorney. It is best to find a legal professional who is capable of taking on the unique aspects of a Pascagoula spinal cord injury case and will vigorously pursue your financial and physical recovery.

The Importance of Seeking Medical Attention

The first action after sustaining a spinal cord injury should always be to seek medical attention. If the individual’s spinal cord was injured in a car accident, they should collaborate with law enforcement to the best of their ability to account for the facts of the accident and identify witnesses.

It is a common misconception that people who feel fine after an accident do not need medical attention. However, they might have sustained an internal injury that is not immediately identifying because of adrenaline rushing through them or because the symptoms are subtle and can only be detected by a medical professional.

People who have been involved in accidents should always seek medical attention immediately after a collision because insurance companies often argue that if an individual did not seek immediate medical attention after an accident, they must not have been severely injured and deserve less financial recovery. Injured individuals should also avoid speaking with the opposing side or making any statements to an insurance company following a spinal cord injury. They should seek legal counsel before issuing a statement to any other party about the accident or injury.

Follow-Up Treatment

Injured claimants could help their attorney with their spinal cord injury case by attending all of their scheduled medical appointments, following up with their physicians. If the injured individual recalls or learns any additional facts about their case, they must relay the information to their attorney as soon as possible so that the lawyer could accurately build their case.

Collecting and Presenting Evidence

A unique aspect of a Pascagoula spinal cord injury case is the type of evidence that is collected and preserved. An experienced spinal cord injury lawyer will know that evidence must be collected in a certain way to be presented in court. Medical records must be self-authenticating, meaning that an affidavit must be attached to the records verifying that they are true and correct. Otherwise, the lawyer may issue a subpoena to the medical personnel requiring them to appear in court and testify about the medical records.

In Mississippi, depositions can also be taken from treating physicians to get their full statements about the plaintiff’s injury and medical treatment. Additionally, anybody who has possession of photographic evidence will be required by a seasoned attorney to testify in court about that particular evidence.

Long-Term Treatment Options

The most expensive element of a spinal cord injury case will likely be medical expenses. However, if the injured individual is unable to return to work and they are relatively young, their costs of living will also be a significant damage. That person is going to need long-term treatment and long-term therapy.

An injured person may need numerous surgeries, prescriptions, and medical devices in order to secure some quality of life, all of which can amount to overwhelming expenses.

How Might a Person’s Family Be Entitled to Damages?

A victim’s family may be entitled to damages in a spinal cord injury case if the individual requires substantial financial or personal assistance as a result of the injury. If any family members have left their job or must be away from their own family to help care for the injured individual, such circumstances could amount to recoverable damages.

A family member may be entitled to damages equivalent to the services they provide to the injured victim. If a family member cooks for the injured individual, cleans their home or runs errands for them for several hours a day, the hourly rate for those services could convert to a recoverable amount.

Reach Out to a Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

Following an accident, it is best to obtain legal assistance as soon as possible to ensure that your case moves forward swiftly and aggressively to maximize your recovery.

The role of a catastrophic injury lawyer in a spinal cord injury case is to act in the injured individual’s best interests and thoroughly analyze the case to ensure maximize recovery. In cases where liability is questioned, the individual’s lawyer is responsible for verifying all the facts of the case and having each expert prepared for court in order to establish liability and protect the integrity of the individual’s case. Call today to learn about the unique aspects of a Pascagoula spinal cord injury case.