Benefits of a Pascagoula Burn Injury Attorney

A burn injury case is handled just like any other injury case, however, there is a uniqueness to the injury that presents difficulties to the plaintiffs.  If able, the first item a Pascagoula Burn Injury Attorney will do is to gather all the evidence to determine who is at fault for the accident. This is accomplished by gathering all the witness statements, obtaining accident reports, receiving all medical records, as well as speaking with and taking depositions of witnesses or medical experts to help ensure that the injured claimant is in the best position to maximize recovery.

We will also have evidence, such as vehicles or equipment analyzed by experts to determine causes of the ignition. A catastrophic injury case should be handled by an experienced legal professional. Reach out to learn about the benefits of a Pascagoula Burn Injury Attorney.

Collecting and Presenting Evidence

Evidence is extremely important in a personal injury case. It could help prove which party is at fault for the accident. Qualifying evidence in a burn injury case is anything that is allowed by the Mississippi or Federal Rules of Evidence or Civil Procedure. Qualifying evidence usually has to be certified or verified.

Evidence comes in the form of paper records, electronic records, statements, depositions, affidavits, and even the actual vehicle or equipment at issue. Bringing witnesses live to a trial to the courtroom to testify about what happened is extremely important and very persuasive in establishing liability. Often an expert accident reconstructionist recreates the accident (in the form of digital recreation), which proves very helpful to provide visualization to a judge or jury.

An expert medical opinion of the treating physician or retain a third-party expert physician will be necessary to verify that the burns were caused by the negligence of the defendant.

An experienced burn injury lawyer will:

  • Speak with all the witnesses involved in the accident
  • Speak with the officer who worked the accident
  • All investigators or detectives who worked at the accident
  • Take the statement of the negligent party
  • Take depositions of the negligent party
  • Speak to investigators hired by the injured party’s attorney to visit the scene of the accident
  • Speak to the accident reconstructionist hired by the injured party’s attorney
  • Gather all evidence available regarding the accident and the people involved in the accident.

Evidence is the only thing there is to establish liability. Mississippi follows the rules of comparative negligence, which simply means that a judge or jury can assign different percentages of fault (up to 100 percent) to any party involved in the accident.

Schedule a Consultation With a Burn Injury Lawyer

A lawyer can be beneficial in making sure a burn victim gets the right treatment. They will know who the best doctors and health care providers are. The victim may not get the care and treatment they need from their actual treating physicians at the time of the injury. Their experience and knowledge about all the aspects of a burn injury will serve the injured person well for their long term recovery and what the potential costs are going to be over the long-term and will be able to maximize their recovery and establish damages under those circumstances of each of the actual case.

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