Ocean Springs Burn Injury Lawyer

A burn injury can cause significant physical, psychological and financial burdens on an individual and their family. Scarring and disfigurement from burns can be a source of psychological anguish for you, adding to the physical pain involved with these tragedies.

If you or a loved one were injured due to the negligent actions of another, it may be difficult to determine what to do next. An Ocean Springs burn injury lawyer may have the experience necessary to assist with your legal needs when such traumatic events occur. They could review your case and help you hold the negligent party accountable for their actions or lack thereof. Speak to a diligent catastrophic injury attorney to learn about how you may be eligible to recover compensation for your damages.

Common Types of Burn Injuries

According to the American Burn Association, every year in the United States nearly a half million burn injuries occur that require medical attention. Some injuries must be treated at a hospital or local burn center.

Burns are categorized by their degree of severity. Although a first-degree burn merely affects the skin’s surface, a second-degree scalding can damage several layers of skin.

Third-degree burns can be catastrophic since they affect the deeper tissues that can require skin grafts to repair the affected area. An Ocean Springs burn injury attorney may discuss monetary remedies for the costs of burn care and skin grafting.

Burn Safety and How Injuries Occur

According to the Mississippi State Health Department, Ocean Springs residents can exhibit due care toward employees, lessees, and guests by doing the following:

  • Install smoke detectors
  • Have a safe fire escape plan
  • Place space heaters at least three feet from combustible items
  • Unplug foul-smelling appliances
  • Replace cracked or frayed electrical cords

Injuries could occur due to heat, chemical, radiation, and electricity. Individuals who are performing hazardous activities may owe a duty of due care to those in the zone of danger. If they fail to comply with safety guidelines, they may become liable in a lawsuit.

The failure to make an area reasonably safe for those who enter it may be used to the disadvantage of a defendant in a lawsuit for negligence. A skilled injury attorney in Ocean Springs could prove how the defendant failed to exercise care with regard to safety measures which caused the claimant’s injuries.

Determining Negligence for Burn Injuries in Ocean Springs

If an individual has suffered a severe burn because of the carelessness of another, they may file a civil action claim against the negligent party. Per Miss. Code Ann. §11-7-15, a claimant may be able to recover a monetary award from a negligent defendant who caused their burn injury and damages.

Often, the defendant may allege that the injured claimant contributed to their accident or exasperating their injuries. The State of Mississippi follows rules of comparative negligence. If the plaintiff is found to be partially liable for their accident, they may still be eligible to recover compensation from the defendant. The injured claimant’s total financial award may be reduced by their percentage of fault for the accident.

An experienced burn injury lawyer in Ocean Springs could collect evidence, hire burn experts and speak to witnesses to help prove negligence in court.

Contact An Ocean Springs Burn Accident Attorney

After a catastrophic accident occurs, it is best to seek help from a knowledgeable Ocean Springs burn injury lawyer. They may be able to help you to exercise your legal rights and help you recover compensation for your damages.

You do not need to handle the legal aspect of your case alone. Call today to get help from a well-practiced attorney.