Jackson County Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Most injuries that occur in a car wreck or another type of accident heal over time. Even severe injuries such as broken bones and deep lacerations will eventually heal. Unfortunately, some injuries are so severe that they can last a lifetime. These types of cases could be complicated, so it is best for injured victims to hire an experienced personal injury attorney.

If you or a loved one were severely injured due to the negligent and reckless actions of another, you may be eligible to recover compensation from the person responsible for your damages. A compassionate Jackson County catastrophic injury lawyer could investigate your accident, collect evidence, and speak to witnesses to help prove your case.

Defining Catastrophic Injuries

The State of Mississippi does not define the term catastrophic injury. However, the term refers to an injury so severe that the consequences are permanent. These consequences can include partial or complete loss of the use of a body part or organ. Catastrophic injuries usually refer to injuries to the neck, spinal cord, head, and severe burns. They may also include injuries that affect a victim’s cognitive ability or lead to severe disfigurement. Regardless of the type of catastrophic injury, the victim is entitled to pursue monetary damages. A seasoned Jackson County catastrophic injury attorney may be able to help with the litigation process.

Damages Available in a Jackson County Catastrophic Injury Lawsuit

There are many different types of damages available to a plaintiff that prevails in a catastrophic injury lawsuit. These damages can compensate a victim for physical, psychological, or economic injuries. Damages commonly recovered in a catastrophic injury lawsuit may include medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and home modifications.

Medical Bills

A plaintiff in an injury lawsuit can pursue damages for the medical bills resulting from a catastrophic injury. These can include anything from emergency room bills to physical therapy. A plaintiff may seek damages for treatment already received as well as for future medical costs.

Diminished Future Earning Capacity

With a catastrophic injury, most plaintiffs face uncertainty in their future employment prospects. Some injury victims are able to return to work in a limited capacity, while others will never work again. A plaintiff in a catastrophic injury lawsuit can recover compensation to make up for wages lost prior to filing suit as well as in the future.

Pain and Suffering

Compensation is also available for the physical pain suffered by an injury victim. Pain and suffering damages are challenging to attribute a monetary value to given their subjective nature. However, a skilled Jackson County catastrophic injury attorney might be able to help identify the appropriate amount of damages for their client’s suffering.

Home Modifications

Many catastrophic injuries leave a victim with mobility issues. When a plaintiff requires the use of a motorized wheelchair or other mobility device, home renovations may be needed to accommodate them. In some cases, a home may need the addition of ramps to allow for entry into the home. In other cases, doorways may need widening to allow for free movement throughout the home.

Call a Jackson County Catastrophic Injury Attorney Right Away

Treatment for a catastrophic injury can be difficult in the best circumstances. Attempting to heal while overseeing your injury lawsuit is a burden most people are unprepared for. To get the most out of your injury claim, you may benefit from enlisting the help of a Jackson County catastrophic injury lawyer. Call today to schedule your consultation.