Jackson County Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

Sustaining a traumatic brain injury can change your life forever. The impact can extend beyond our own experience, however, as it could significantly affect your loved ones as well. Simple tasks that you have done for your entire adult life can suddenly become challenging. This sort of life adjustment can be overwhelming, especially considering the financial burden that can come with this type of injury.

If you or a loved one were catastrophically injured due to the negligent actions of another, a seasoned attorney could help you recover damages from the person that caused your injury. With the help of a catastrophic injury attorney, you may be eligible to recover compensation for a wide range of damages such as medical expenses, lost wages, mental anguish as well as pain and suffering. Let an experienced Jackson County traumatic brain injury lawyer advocate on your behalf.

Common Causes of Traumatic Brain Injuries

A brain injury can occur anywhere. Any situation that involves an impact to the head could ultimately result in a traumatic brain injury. However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has identified the three most common causes of traumatic brain injuries: falls, being struck by an object, and car crashes.

According to the CDC, nearly half of all brain injuries result from a fall of some kind. So of these falls are work-related, while others are simple accidents. Children under the age of 14 and the elderly are the most likely to suffer a brain injury from a fall.

The second most common cause relates to being struck by an object. This category can include anything from an object falling on a victim’s head to a person suffering a violent assault. Approximately 15 percent of all brain injuries result from these impacts.

Car crashes are third on the list. These collisions can result in tremendous force, so it should come as no surprise that a brain injury is a possibility. Approximately 15 percent of all brain injuries are related to collisions.

The Cost of Treating a Traumatic Brain Injury

Because of the complicated nature of treating brain injuries, the cost of these treatments can be high. The specific cost of treatment can vary with the severity of the injury. In a traumatic brain injury lawsuit, recovering all of the available damages depends in part on compiling medical records and bills. An experienced Jackson County traumatic brain injury attorney could help to put together the evidence necessary to succeed at trial.

Major surgery is common following a severe brain injury. In some cases, the injury may require a series of surgeries spanning over months. Each procedure can carry with it extensive financial costs.

Many brain injuries require a lifetime of medication. Pain is an issue for many injury victims, which can require daily pain medication. Other medications commonly used to treat brain injuries include diuretics, anti-seizure medication, and anti-inflammatory drugs.

An injury can require a significant amount of therapy. This can include physical therapy that assists an injury victim in recovering their ability to manage day-to-day tasks. Brain injuries may also require psychological therapy to deal with the emotional ramifications of a severe injury. Finally, many injury victims will require occupational rehabilitation to return to the workforce.

Recoverable Damages in a Traumatic Brain Injury Lawsuit

An injury victim might be able to recover the extensive costs related to treating a brain injury through an injury lawsuit. If successful, an injury victim could recover compensation for their previous expenses and potential future costs as well. Some damages commonly recovered in a brain injury case include:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Physical therapy
  • Prescription costs
  • Permanent disability

Discuss your Case with a Jackson County Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

The combination of the high cost of treating a brain injury and the loss of income that can come with it can be difficult for anyone. While you are entitled to pursue an injury lawsuit on your own, the challenges of litigation are best left to skilled legal counsel. To pursue the monetary compensation you deserve, contact a Jackson County traumatic brain injury lawyer today.