George County Walmart Slip and Fall Lawyer

Given the billions of dollars in profits that Walmart brings in every year, it probably seems reasonable to assume the corporation can handle paying for medical expenses and other losses in the event someone slips, falls, and gets hurt in one of their stores. In reality, though, Walmart goes to every length possible to fight liability for personal injuries that occur on their property, up to and including court litigation.

If you want to successfully pursue compensation for the harm you suffered in a Walmart store, speaking with a Greene County Walmart slip and fall lawyer may be in your best interests. Once retained, a seasoned slip and fall attorney could work with you to build a comprehensive case against the Walmart branch you were hurt inside, as well as represent you during negotiations with Claims Management, Inc., the company through which Walmart routes all of its personal injury litigation.

Establishing Walmart’s Liability for a Slip and Fall

The fact that someone slipped or tripped and fell inside a Walmart does not automatically make Walmart, Inc. liable for damages stemming from that accident, no matter how minor or severe they may be. As with any other personal injury claim in Mississippi, a successful Walmart slip and fall case must prove legal negligence by the defendant—in this case, a Walmart employee, a floor manager, or the company as a whole.

Most slips or trips and falls that occur in Walmarts and in other retail stores stem from puddles or spills without “Wet Floor” markers nearby or uneven flooring due to frayed carpet or cracked tiles. However, other possible causes for an accident that could indicate negligence on Walmart’s part include poor lighting, obstructions in walkways, broken handrails or stairs, merchandise falling from high shelves, or even wet or icy conditions outside of a store’s front entrance. A George County Walmart slip and fall attorney could offer further clarification about whether the hazard that caused a particular accident qualifies as a breach in Walmart’s duty of care towards customers.

Dealing with Walmart’s “Independent” Claims Partner

Even if Walmart was clearly negligent and therefore responsible for a customer’s slip and fall, getting them to admit fault and provide fair compensation for that customer’s injuries can be a Herculean task. The primary reason for this is Claims Management, Inc., the company that Walmart—and no other company or client—uses to manage personal injury claims against them.

Representatives of CMI make their living denying claims on Walmart’s behalf and protecting the corporation from liability for any injury suffered by a customer, and they know all the tricks to do so. CMI will lie about having the “right” to take recorded statements from claimants, dig through medical documentation for any hint of an exaggerated or nonexistent injury, artificially drag out settlement negotiations, and offer pittances to claimants in great need of financial help.

It is virtually impossible for an unrepresented claimant to get a positive case result by negotiating with CMI alone. With guidance from a tenacious Walmart slip and fall lawyer in George County, though, it can be much easier to navigate around this company’s underhanded tactics and maximize the chances of a favorable resolution.

Talk to a George County Walmart Slip and Fall Attorney Today

Slip and fall cases are rarely cut-and-dry endeavors, especially when they name a company as big as Walmart as the defendant. Walmart dedicates a not-insignificant chunk of its massive profits to fighting any and all civil cases pursued against them, and if you try to go up against this megacorporation and its subsidiaries alone, you will have your work cut out for you trying to get any compensation at all, let alone what you need to pay your medical bills and make up for your pain and suffering.

Retaining a George County Walmart slip and fall lawyer could make all the difference in how effectively and efficiently you could fight for the restitution you deserve. Get in touch with a skilled attorney today to learn more about your options.