Common Types Of Pedestrian Accidents in George County

Pedestrians can sustain severe injuries when walking. Motor vehicle drivers who fail to pay attention to the road can cause devastating and even fatal accidents. Due to the various elements and types of pedestrian accident situations, it is best to speak to a diligent attorney. A lawyer could explain the common types of pedestrian accidents in George County and what is needed to help prove your case.

Accidents Involving Children

It is rare that children are involved in pedestrian accident cases. When children are hit by automobiles, they are often tragic and lead to fatalities. For very young children, they could not be held responsible for doing something that was negligent, whereas older children may possess the appropriate knowledge about whether they should or should not be in a roadway and subject to being injured or killed as a result of coming in contact with a motor vehicle.

Liability is going to be on the operator of the motor vehicle in a child-related pedestrian accident to prove that they did everything in their power to avoid an accident. Also, whether the child was appropriately supervised by the adults that were responsible for them at the time may be considered.

What Qualities Make Children Susceptible To Pedestrian Accident Scenarios?

The qualities that make children susceptible to pedestrian accident scenarios are being playful and unaware of their surroundings sometimes. Motorists operating vehicles on roadways need to generally be aware of children. Even if they are holding an adult’s hand or being watched by an adult, children could still dart out into traffic. They may be playing with balls that go into roadways or with animals that go into the roadway, and they are chasing after them and not thinking to look for traffic.

The most common type of pedestrian accidents involve children near school areas when persons are not paying attention to children. There are other recreational areas where children tend to be around that may involve vehicle traffic, as well. These types of accidents tend to take place around heavily residential areas, places where there are basketball courts or tennis courts, and other areas such as parks where children would play.

Teens Vulnerable To Severe Accidents

Teens are vulnerable to risk factors when it comes to pedestrian accidents. It is the same thing as child-related pedestrian accidents. However, teens tend to have a better awareness about what they should or should not be doing when located near roadways, so teens tend to have a higher burden put on them with regard to these accidents.

Motor vehicles need to be aware of the vulnerability of teens when operating vehicles where they might be present. Generally, a teen is going to be looked at with a higher standard than a young child.

What Qualities Increase An Elderly Person’s Likelihood Of Being Hit By A Vehicle In Pascagoula?

Certain qualities increase an elderly person’s likelihood of being hit by a vehicle in Pascagoula. The fact is that some elderly persons are not able to see as well, hear as well, or move as fast as younger persons. All of those factors may increase the likelihood of being hit by a vehicle in the event they cross the street or walk up and down a roadway.

Aggressive Drivers

Certain groups of pedestrians tend to trigger aggressive driving habits. Some people get frustrated with people that utilize the roadway since the driver would have to maneuver around them or slow down. Those operators of vehicles may become more aggressive or get angered as a result of pedestrians using the roadway in that matter. If a person expects certain pedestrians to be in an area at a certain time, it is well lit, and the roadway is well marked for pedestrians, so traffic tends not to be as much of a problem.

The Presence Of Tourists

The presence of tourists might contribute to the frequency of pedestrian accidents in Pascagoula. Commonly, tourists cross the roadways to get to the beaches. The beaches are not set up in a way that make it pedestrian-friendly since the beaches are located along major roadways. Any time tourists or other locals frequent beaches or try to utilize the waters near beaches, accidents are more likely to occur. Several instances per year, tourists are hit by vehicles trying to cross roadways to get to the beach.

Speak to a Pedestrian Accident Attorney As Soon As Possible

Children, teenagers, the elderly, runners, and other pedestrians on the road are known to sustain devastating injuries after being hit by a motor vehicle. A knowledgeable attorney could review the evidence and help you get the compensation you need. Learn about the common types of pedestrian accident cases in Pascagoula. Get started today.