George County Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

When George County residents ingest a medication, they hope their product will be safe with minimal risks. Many people assume the best of pharmaceutical companies and the government entities tasked with regulating them. Federal law requires pharmaceutical companies to conduct testing on every drug before it hits the market. The results of these tests are often unreliable. Lobbyists for drug companies place pressure on these regulators to quickly approve drugs despite limited testing, and others have been caught twisting their test results. Unfortunately, dangerous drugs have been put on the market and has cause significant damages.

If you or a loved one were injured due to a hazardous narcotic, a George County dangerous drugs lawyer could help you hold the manufacturer accountable. Speak to a knowledgeable personal injury attorney to determine the validity of your case as well as your eligibility to recover compensation for damages.

Defining Dangerous Drugs

There are factors that come into play when a dangerous drug reaches the marketplace. These dangerous drugs earn their name by causing unexpected side effects or harming certain types of patients. Any drug that is unreasonably dangerous could result in a claim for monetary recovery.

A dangerous drug can be fatal, but other consequences are also possible. These medications could lead to anything from heart attacks to miscarriage, depending on the circumstances. When these dangerous effects could have been prevented through appropriate testing or design, an injured consumer could work with a George County dangerous drugs attorney to hold them accountable.

The Role of Drug Recalls

The governmental agency tasked with regulating dangerous drugs is known as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). When the FDA identifies a drug whose dangers outweigh its medical benefits, it is empowered to order a recall of the drug. During a recall, retailers are required to remove the drug from store shelves pending further investigation. A federal recall is the closest thing to an official announcement that a drug is unsafe.

However, the recall process can be slow-moving in some cases. In more than one case, the FDA has spent years investigating before determining a drug is unsafe and issuing a recall. In many cases, it can take years for regulators to identify a pattern or harmful effects.

In other situations, specific side effects only become apparent months or years after using a drug. Due to the potential delays in the recall process, it is important to understand that a dangerous drug claim could be viable before a recall occurs.

Additionally, a recall does not provide a manufacturer with any protection from civil lawsuits. Even if the drug is ultimately pulled from the shelves, the pharmaceutical company could still face civil liability for anyone their drug injured before the recall.

Whether a recall is in place or not is immaterial to the claim of a person injured by a dangerous drug. A diligent George County dangerous drugs attorney might be able to help the victims of dangerous medication bring a civil suit against the manufacturer for any damages they sustained.

Seek Help from a George County Dangerous Drugs Attorney

Living with the debilitating side effects of a dangerous drug can put a significant toll on your body. For many victims of the pharmaceutical industry, balancing their health and a dangerous drugs claim is more than they can handle on their own.

Thankfully, you do not have to take on the pharmaceutical industry alone. Contact a George County dangerous drugs lawyer to get started with your claim.