Scholarship Winners

The Selfless Act of Giving Scholarship is a $1,000 scholarship award available to one student who gives back to their community. Describe a time you acted as a volunteer to better your community and the impact it had on the patrons, the organization, and you. Our hope is that this scholarship will encourage students to get involved in their communities in whatever capacity they can. No effort is too small when it comes to helping others.

2020 Winner: Lesley McLaughlin

Lesley grew up in Modesto, California. After high-school and a few years of self-discovery, she went to college. She learned some very real, very harsh, life lessons that can only be taught by traveling far from home. Within two years, she returned to my hometown with no degree, but a wealth of life experience that cannot be taken for granted. She worked at a bank and eventually made the leap and got her own office and managing a financial firm. The advisors she worked for were fierce and the expectations were high. Between the five of them, she learned invaluable workplace wisdom and found an empowerment within herself.

Along with her hard work, Lesley is also a wife and mother. She is married to her best friend and together they have a daughter and a son. Her son is diagnosed with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease and Autism. She had to stop working to care for her son but she was still determined.

She is now attending the University of Phoenix. Given all that she’s been through, in August of this year, she completed her undergrad and is now diving into my Bachelor of Science in Health Administration. She plans to complete her degree within three years and not only stabilize her family financially but also assist her community and its’ most vulnerable.

In Her Own Words:
I am fairly sure my neighbors heard my outburst scream of excitement over the loud monotonous tones of toddler nursery-rhyme shows that usually echo through my home. Scooping up my toddler son, we danced in circles as we listened to the voicemail. I won! We won! My family had been surviving on one income that had been severely affected by the covid-19 virus. My husband is in construction, and while that business category was not shut down, the amount of jobs available were limited to say the least. Winning this scholarship means so much, but I can give one clear example of how this will impact not only my education, but my family as well: INTERNET! This scholarship ensures I can keep our intent on and without interruption! My daughter has been distance-learning due to her school shutting down, my son is in telehealth behavioral therapy and I am in the middle of achieving my bachelor’s degree and internet is crucial to our livelihood. The appreciation for this scholarship runs very deep. The amount awarded is will not only benefit my education, but my children’s education as well. And it proves this world does give back to those that do not expect it.

2019 Winner: Lexi Lueger



My name is Lexi Lueger and I am currently a senior at Nemaha Central High School in Seneca, Kansas. At my school, I’m involved in several clubs. I’m the president of FCCLA (Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America) and SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions), and I am the Vice-President of NHS (National Honor Society). I also play several sports. In the fall I play volleyball for my school; in the winter I play club volleyball, and in the spring I play softball at my school. After high school, I will be playing volleyball at Johnson County Community College. I plan to major in biology and eventually become an ER physician.

In Her Own Words:

I was in complete denial when I first was told that I had won the scholarship. I really didn’t think I had a chance of winning it because there’s always someone out there with a better story to tell. Winning this has shown me that as long as it’s done with passion, there’s always a chance. This money will help me greatly in my academic journey.