Ocean Springs Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Since bicycles do not provide much protection from large and fast-moving motor vehicles, car crashes involving bikes often result in tragic injuries to the bicyclist. You should not have to shoulder the financial burden of your accident alone, especially if the crash occurs due to the negligent actions of another.

If you or a loved one were injured in such a crash, you should seek aid from a qualified Ocean Springs bicycle accident lawyer as soon as possible after getting the medical attention you need. A skilled personal injury attorney may be able to help you build a successful claim and work toward obtaining fair compensation for your injuries.

The John Paul Frerer Bicycle Safety Act

There are various laws in the State of Mississippi dedicated to keeping bicycle riders safe from harm. To name one prominent example, the John Paul Frerer Bicycle Safety Act dictates the duties of both bicyclists and drivers of motor vehicles, such as respecting and not blocking a designated bike lane, when on the road. Mississippi Code §63-3-1309 further states that drivers of motor vehicles must leave at least three feet between their car and the bike when passing.

Violating the John Paul Frerer Bicycle Safety Act is against the law and may increase the amount of liability applied to a civil defendant. By having a skilled Ocean Springs bicycle accident attorney on their side, an injured person may be able to strengthen their case in civil court by citing statutes such as these to prove liability.

Determining Negligence for a Bike Crash in Ocean Springs

Sometimes, an accident is not as cut-and-dry as it may seem. Many parties could bear liability for a bike crash, including the bicycle rider themselves.

In some states, if the plaintiff shares any liability for an accident, they are unable to recover damages. Fortunately, Mississippi law allows an injured bicyclist to recover compensation even if they are found partially at fault for an accident.

According to Miss. Code §11-7-15, an injured claimant’s compensation will be reduced by their percentage of responsibility attributed to them. Since the amount of liability they bear for an accident directly affects the amount of compensation they can receive, it is usually best for injured individuals to work with a skilled bike crash lawyer in Ocean Springs to more effectively pursue damages.

Consult an Ocean Springs Bicycle Accident Attorney Today

There are no helmet laws in the Mississippi traffic code, and there is no clear law forbidding or permitting bicyclists from riding on sidewalks. Nevertheless, there are plenty of requirements for bike riders when operating on the road, such as signaling a turn. It is essential to understand what the law requires, what the law allows, and how those elements could affect your claim when seeking compensation from the driver of a motor vehicle.

If you are injured while riding your bike, get in touch with a seasoned attorney as quickly as possible. They may be able to handle the litigation and legal side of the case while you and your family focus on recovering from the trauma you have endured.

You should not have to pay for medical bills or damaged property, and you should not have to suffer lost wages with no recompense when the accident was not your fault. An Ocean Springs bicycle accident lawyer could help. Call today to get started on your claim.