What to Do After a Workplace Accident

Each year thousands of workers in Mississippi suffer job-related injuries. Many of these injured workers may be hesitant to seek medical attention or to report their injuries, but it is very important to do so.

In the State of Mississippi, private employers with five or more regular workers are required by law to carry workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance covers all injuries or illnesses caused in the course and scope of employment, such as traumatic injuries or occupational illnesses. If you were injured while at work, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation. Reach out to our experienced workers’ compensation attorneys to learn about what to do after a workplace accident and the best way to protect your best interests.

  1. Seek Medical Attention

The first step you should take if you have been hurt at work is to seek immediate medical attention. This is an essential step to take, regardless of how minor the injuries may be. It is important to communicate with your medical provider your symptoms and level of your pain. Once the type and severity of the injury has been determined, it is best to establish an appropriate action plan if future medical treatment is needed.

  1. Report the Injury to Your Employer

Once you have sought medical care, it is essential that you report your injury to your employer as soon as possible. Mississippi law requires workers to report the injury no later than 30 days after the incident happened. Your claim for workers’ compensation may be denied if you fail to give adequate notice to your employer. It is your employer’s responsibility to file the worker’s compensation claim with their insurance company on your behalf. It is best to follow-up with your employer to ensure that the claim has been submitted.

  1. Keep Pictures and Notes of the Accident

It is helpful to take notes and pictures regarding the accident. Details of the incident could help bolster the claim. Such details may include:

  • Date, time, & location of the accident
  • What you were doing when injured
  • What injuries were suffered & any diagnosis
  • The environmental conditions around you when injured
  • Names & contacts of witnesses, if there were any

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Workers’ compensation claims can be very complex. Often, insurance companies deny claims, which could make it difficult for injured employees to receive the treatment they need. It is beneficial to have an experienced legal team behind you, ready to help you through the process and ensure that you receive the benefits that you need. Let a skilled attorney advocate on your behalf and help navigate you through the workers’ compensation process. Call our seasoned workers’ compensation attorneys at Lott Law today.