George County Front-End Car Accident Lawyer

A front-end car accident can have a devastating effect on everyone involved. The injuries resulting from this type of crash are often permanent, and in many cases, can be fatal. Front-end, also known as head-on, collisions frequently occur at high speed on narrow roadways. That does not mean the injuries resulting from a low-speed crash are not severe. Any front-end collision could have lasting financial, physical, and emotional consequences.

If you have lived through a front-end crash, you could benefit from discussing your situation with a diligent car accident attorney. A George County Front-End Car Accident Lawyer could help you pursue a legal claim against the negligent driver that struck you.

Determining Fault in a Front-End Crash

To assist a driver in recovering monetary compensation following a front-end car accident, an attorney must prove that the other driver in the crash was at fault. While there is any number of ways these accidents might occur, one of the most common causes involves one car veering across the center line into oncoming traffic and striking another.

Motorists have a duty to remain in their lane while traveling. By crossing over the centerline, a driver violates not only the rules of the road but also their duty to avoid a collision. When this occurs, that driver could face responsibility for any injuries that result from the accident.

These accidents could occur on an undivided roadway that includes traffic traveling in both directions. While front-end accidents are more common on narrow, two-lane roads, they are possible anywhere oncoming traffic is present.

In addition to front-end accidents that involve a driver crossing the centerline, these collisions could also occur with motorists pulling out of parking lots or driving the wrong direction down one-way streets. In any of these cases, establishing fault is a necessary step for an attorney taking on a George County front-end car accident case.

When Both Drivers Are Responsible

While determining the at-fault party in a front-end crash is important, it is not always clear. In some cases, both drivers involved in the collision could bear some responsibility for the accident. For example, if both drivers cross over the centerline before the accident, they could each share some of the blame.

Under the pure comparative fault rule, a plaintiff can pursue compensation from another driver as long as they are responsible for the front-end crash in any way. This means that even if the injured party is 99 percent responsible for a crash, they could still seek compensation from the other party. It is essential to understand that this rule also limits a driver to their damages reduced by their degree of fault. It is best to speak to a head-on collision attorney to discuss liability and how the comparative fault rule could affect their case.

Call a George County Front-End Car Accident Attorney Immediately

The results of a front-end crash could have a permanent impact on your life. From extensive medical bills to the inability to work, this impact could be financial as much as it is physical. A George County Front-End Car Accident Lawyer could assist you in recovering compensation for your losses. Call today to schedule a consultation.